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In June 2014, in Montreal, Canada, Mile High Media announced the start of its new gay romance studio, 'Icon Male.' Its movies are written and directed by Nica Noelle, and they are all about passion, intimacy between models, body language and of course, brilliantly filmed, natural sex scenes. But the twist here is that the movies take on big themes; Catholic confessions, Football stars coming out, and Prisoners of war are all tackled in the most amazing way bringing you perfect, exclusive hardcore.

When I called into the members' area to check it out I was met by top quality, large, sample pics showing me what was new. There is a very classy design in use here, and the first impression is of quality. Checking the Movies I found nine titles. That's not nine scenes, but nine full DVDs, if you like, each with four or five scenes. They are neatly set out with large sample shots, details about each title and scene, a cast list linked to a model index, and movie details such as runtimes, the standard time being 20 minutes or so. Linked tag words give you an idea of the variety with hairy guys, twinks, anal, mature, oral, cum shots and teacher being some.

When it comes to viewing you get a really good deal here. Most of the options are MP4, but movies come with streams and downloads from 160, up through the mid-range ranks of 480p and 540p to the higher ones at 720p and the top whack at 1080p HD. There were seven stream choices and eight downloads, one of which was WMV format. The quality is excellent. The streams were wide screen and didn't need to go to full screen, and even on the standard web browsing 540p they were staggeringly good. The acting is good, the storylines play out like cinema quality movies, and the sex is just as promised on the tour: Natural, with chemistry, believable, hot, you name it, you are not going to find much better than this, and I don't say that very often.

There were 27 scenes in total so far at Icon Male, and new ones were being added at the rate of two per week. They come with photos, and there is a separate area for photos too, with between 30 and 300 pics per set neatly set out and clicking up to 1,280 x 1,920 when at full size. Again the quality is sparkling and there are good viewing options including zip files and slideshows. But you can't have a site called Icon Male without the stars of the shows coming under scrutiny and I found 26 hot men in the models index (though some appeared twice for some reason.) You might recognise names such as Billy Santoro and Adam Russo, plus others who I've seen on top sites such as Men.com; professional porn actors who know their stuff and yes, who are the kind of thing that icons are made of.

And the site itself is the kind of thing good sites should be made of. Well designed, with interactive options, and a Favourites store, a link to a bonus site, Male Reality, and an account area where you can change your settings, plus pages that not only look good but work smoothly and are hassle free. Nigh on perfect I would say.

Bottom Line:
I've been reviewing sites for over 10 years and I rarely give a top score to a new site due to the low amounts of content they tend to have, but Icon Male gets top marks from me: high quality movies, iconic male stars, great variety, a professional design, interactivity, a good update schedule and some of the best hardcore we've seen in many months. It's simply a brilliant, refreshing site that has raised the bar for all others.

Masculine, Hardcore, Older, Twinks, Exclusive, Intergenerational Gay Porn, Daddies Son Sex, Gay Porn Stars, High Definition Quality

High Definition Yes
DRM Free Porn Yes
Downloadable Yes
Content Format Full Movies, Scenes, Galleries, Models
Live Shows No
Bonus Content Yes
Multiple Site Hub Yes
Content Updated Twice per week
Mobile compatible Mobile size scenes but no link to a mobile site
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