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When you mix the hard and butch men of Titan with rough and ready hardcore you get Titan Rough; the men are gods and the sex is, well, rough, so expect to have your eyes opened and watered, and your dick hardened and your heart pounded, as you step into the dark and dangerous world of S&M, fisting, watersports and tough-guy sex. That's what this site is all about and it certainly does not disappoint.

What we have here is 150 scenes depicting all kinds of heavy fetish action, and I mean heavy. This is not for the squeamish, but for everyone who likes fisting up to the elbows, hot wax, guys in baths being pissed on, slings, bondage, BDSM, pissing in the ass, and all that kind of rough sex.

OK, so you've got the genre now, here are a few more details. When I was looking at the site there were 150 scenes and some of the, but not all, were HD. I didn't see upload dates with them so I can't say how often the site uploads new content, which is a shame, but knowing Titan you get it pretty regular. Movies are set out on index pages with nice sized sample shots, and there are various ways to arrange these index pages. Click a shot to find the viewing page and here you've got a stream to run in three qualities from 270p up to 720p HD when available; there were from three to five different speeds in use.

On some videos there is also one choice for download, and when I clicked this I was told that I had only three downloads remaining for this month; so it looks like your downloading is restricted here, and not every scene had a download option. Be warned: when you click the button you are deducted that download whether you actually save the file or not. There is an area for downloads and there were 193 movies to take.

There are photos on the site as well, and there were 73 sets to browse. These are a mix of action and solo sets, some depicting the rough and raw hardcore you find in the videos, some being solo models in poses. Pics went up to 1,600 x 2,000 when at full size, though were scaled down to fit the screen and came with simple navigation tools.

Finding your content could not be easier as the site has a large category list and that gives us even more indication of the kinds of things that go on in Titan Rough: Younger/Older, Interracial, Rubber/Latex, Solo, Jack off, Muscles, Dildos/Toys and on and on, it is a big list and from it you can also select only the HD movies. You can also use the model index to browse by Men and here I found around 150 hunks to choose from. Click a guy and you get a list of his videos and photos, but no actual stats. Actually the site was a bit lacking on information, with nothing about the guys or scenes and the scenes details simply being a list to tag words. You can add things to a favourites area, but there are no comments or rates, but you do have a pretty comprehensive Account area (some of it in Beta stage) to keep you up to date with your account and downloads.

Bottom Line:
All in all: a nice lot of very heavy and hardcore rough sex videos from Titan; I'm not sure if they are exclusive to this site (somehow I doubt all of it is, but I expect some of it is) but I do know they will fuel your fetish fantasies good and hard. Excellent quality, some HD movies, great models, hard and raw sex and the members' area fulfils the promises of the tour pages.

Spit Roasting, Bondage and Discipline, Daddies, Over 35 Men, Toys, Ass Play, Extreme Fetish, Fisting, Watersports, BDSM, Leather Porn, Gay Porn Stars, Rubber Men

High Definition Some
DRM Free Porn Yes
Downloadable Limited
Content Format Videos, Galleries, Model index, Blog
Live Shows No
Bonus Content No
Multiple Site Hub No
Content Updated Unknown
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