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With its 70 exclusive scenes, high definition videos and totally horny amateur guys in professionally made hardcore scenes, Man Royale is currently on my personal top ten list for sites to stay with. Apart from the all the right check boxes being ticked, I also like its simplicity and design, there's something very special about it, deserving of the word Royal in the title (with or without an E).

The site is updating eight times a month, and these movies are all hard and fast, hot and very creamy hardcore scenes. There's a lot of jizz in the sample pics and you get the impression that the cum is the thing here. It is. Well, it is a big part of it (these guys must be hired for the bucket-loads they are able to shoot), but the build-ups, the guys, the fantasy situations and the general filming are also what makes these movies special. They are all downloadable in MPG HD, WMV HD and MP4 (750 x 422) format, and they all stream in an HD version or a standard one as well. You are able to download all the movies DRM free. Runtimes vary from 20 to 45 minutes, they come with trailers, screen caps and HQ Pictures. You are able to view the samples pics of the videos by index pages, or select the guy you want to see from a model index and then find his movies that way.

There were 67 guys in the model index, usually shown as part of a couple, so you may see the same image twice but that's because there are two guys in it. I first thought that these were amateur guys, and some may well be, but then I started to recognise some names from other sites, so although the movies may be exclusive to Man Royale, some of the models are not. Not that that is a great problem or anything, as far as I know the site doesn't sell itself on having exclusive models, and the top guys in here are all deserving of professional status. They are a nice mix of fit twinks and jocks with some harder daddies and tattooed men, smooth studs and classically good looking men. The site also has a thing for older and younger together with jocks and dads in hardcore scenes. The guys, and the chemistry between then, coupled with the excellent lighting and almost soft-focus filming, the naturalness of the sex and the good quality everything else, are what make these films stand out.

Clicking to check the photos and other items for you I found sets of pics with screen caps at 1,440 x 810 though scaled down to fit on the screen, with around 40 per set and high quality digital images at 1,500 x 1,000 and also scaled down. These were excellent quality and available in zip file downloads. Navigation through galleries was easy. There is not a lot of interactivity at this site, you don't get rally involved, but you can rate the content as you go through it. There are some search and sort options, but no way to leave comments and not a lot of information about the guys. Navigation generally is easy and if there is anything slightly annoying about the pages it is the seemingly constant advert for a live cam chat site. We really don't need that.

Bottom Line:
So, a god site hat's updating regularly and well, really sexy guys in top scenes, high class action and high class filming and all available right now for downloading and streaming. There is very little to fault at Man Royale and an awful lot to like.
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