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  • Young Bastards's primary billing processor: Paycom E.u
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  • Pay as you go:
    5 tickets, €5.90 (Euros)
    10 tickets €9.90
    20 tickets €15.90
    50 rickets €29.90
    100 tickets €49.90
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Young Bastards comes to you from the same company as Kallamaka, Sneaker Sex and Spritzz; a German company that uses European models in its hardcore sex scenes. It makes exclusive movies and presents them in a pay as you go fashion, so you can control the amount you spend. My advice would be to go for the full package of tickets as a) it works out cheaper and b) you are going to want to use them.
Once you have bought your tickets you log in to the members' area and you are told exactly how much credit you have left. That's a good starting place. You then head over to the home page where you see the most recent offerings. I also noticed here that there are now exclusive DVDs to download. You have to buy them from Homoactive, but here you go.
Meanwhile, click to the Videos tab and you find four sets of content. This is the content from the four sites, listed above, and your Young Bastards collection is at the top, labelled Kinky Stuff. There were 19 videos when I called in and they all feature the kinds of boys this company is known for: young, smooth, rough, 'Scallies' skinheads and street-punk type lads. You browse through the scrolling list of scene samples and see guys in watersports action, including guys pissing while being fucked (how do they do that?), BDSM scenes, heavy anal and guys in very urban settings such as warehouses.
Make your selection from the samples and then you come to the description and the cost. I found scenes at four tickets here, which works out at around €4.70 per scene if you bought the five ticket package or €1.99 per scene if you bought the 100 ticket package, and those prices are in Euros. So, go for the fuller package and you get better value, particularly as these scenes are stream only. You get to rent them for 24 hours and you can play them again and again in that time. I found scenes ran for between 10 and 25 minutes, so you need to keep that in mind too when thinking about cost/value.
I was also told that the quality I was seeing was 'low resolutions' but I had no complaints about it. Full screen was fine and I could control the volume and turn down the intro music. Visually the scenes I saw were fine and clear, the direction was good and the performances were perfectly natural. The guys are a hot mix of tall and skinny, scally and smooth, lots of things beginning with S actually including sexy of course. And all 17 of them are listed in the model index. The site describes its niche as 'Hardcore Twink gay sex movies' and there is no arguing with that. Mind you, I wouldn't describe these hot lads as twinks, and they wouldn't thank you for doing so either. They may be in the 18 to 23 age range but they are not you preppie boy next door types; more your sexy, hard, trouble-makers next door types.
Checking out other things on the site, you find that there are currently four DVDs to buy to keep; the model index only leads to each boy's videos and doesn't give you much information; you can rate each scene as you go through them and there is a link to the blog. It is the Berlin Porn Blog, so we are firmly rooted in Germany here. It keeps you up to date with what's going on, on a weekly basis, and brings you news and sample pics from videos. The hardcore, fetish theme continues with shots of BDSM and pissing, with the same smooth and sexy lads involved. A good way to stay in touch with your exclusive, dirty, twinky, action videos.
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