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It's always good to be part of something new, and you've got the chance for just that here. Austin Zane has not been around for long but it is already shooting up the charts and that is thanks to all kinds of neat things, not least of all the sight of two straight hunks fucking each other and losing their ass-virginities on camera and exclusively for members.

Ok, backtrack a moment... What is this site all about then? Well, it's been put together by two porn stars (straight), one called Austin and one called Zane, who are best buddies and who wanted to create something new and good. They worked hard to get together a gay porn site that was different from the norm, and it looks like they've succeeded. The tour promises you that you can get really involved, as a member, and that you're going to get high quality movies and pics. That's certainly true. In fact all of it is true; you not only get good quality productions but you get really close and personal with your two main men, both of whom are hunky, chatty, friendly and horny.

At the moment there are 13 exclusive scenes in the members' area (plus some director's cuts and extras) with new ones being added regularly. These are a mix of action and solos, and there are five guys in the model index, including our favorite Mason Dixon, who appears in a solo and in a hardcore scene. But probably the sexiest scenes are those where the two main guys lose their ass-virginity to each other. These are, obviously, never to be repeated moments and are pure ecstasy to watch. They are simple to watch too as you can stream online in Flash at a good, medium to high resolution, and you can also download the scenes in zip files at a decent transfer rate.

What really comes across in the movies and the site though, is the honesty. That may not sound like the kind of thing you usually read in a review of a porn site, but here it is worth a mention. Why? Because it is one of the things that makes the site really work. Yes, the sex is good, the quality is fine and the guys are hotter than hot, but the way they chat to cam, the things they write, the blog and all that really make them stand out as honest and fun webmasters. This means you know that you're going to be well looked after. And you can get involved too, just like the tour promises. There is a live chat facility coming along any day now where you will be able to chat with the guys and with other members, and there are always places to put up your comments about what you see. And they take time to reply to you. There are competitions running too, and good amounts of information about each model, the main stars, the site and what's coming soon and when.

And then, to top it all off, you've got some great and homely photos of the guys chilling, you've got updates happening, and most importantly you've got these two super sexy straight studs sucking and ass-slamming their way through orgasm after orgasm just for you - and boy do these guys know how to fuck. It does make you wonder how straight is 'straight', but there you go.

Bottom Line:
A new site and a good one, it's growing and it's going to do relay well. You are going to want to stay a member here as you get treated so well and honestly, and you get great sex scenes. These are mainly staring two sexy straight guys who really know what to do too turn you on. It's all exclusive and great fun, horny too and well priced.
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There are 5 comments on this review

  • statsguy

    January 17, 2013 - 18:22:38   |   See all My Comments

    The above review describes what AusinZane used to be (until late 2012). Both Austin and Zane are no long associated with this web site - and most likely will never appear in any new videos on this web site. It is no longer a new and growing web site. In the last forty days (since Austin's last video) there have only been two video updates. The web site currently provides no information about any of this. It's a good time to join only if you want to save a few of the videos in the arc...

  • nickkkkkk

    April 30, 2011 - 19:24:11   |   See all My Comments

    I love these guys BUT I dont like the fact that they don't offer a NON recurring membership. I won't join any site that does not offer a non recurring membership. Other than that the site is awesome.

  • syrianiceberg

    April 29, 2011 - 20:41:25   |   See all My Comments is not like any other porn site I visit: it's involving and hot, exciting and fun. I recommend it to every guy that likes watching men have sex. If you've ever wished one of your straight buddies would broaden his horizons enough to get in bed with you, Austin and Zane will turn you on immensely!

  • April 29, 2011 - 19:06:50   |   See all My Comments

    Here's a couple of former SCM models whose honesty is very refreshing and who bring credibilty to an industry which sorely lacks it. After so many sites claiming amateur (who aren't) straight (who aren't) models whose acting is bad and whose interest and involvement is just plain bored and boring, it's nice not to be bombarded with so-called "first" sex scenes when the model has appeared on numerous other sites and be told that he may agree in the future to lose his virginity when he has already bottomed on camera elsewhere. Porn for many is supposed to be a fantasy and I can accept that, but some sites must assume that their members are really stupid, really ignorant or really gullible or all of the above.

  • Daggnabbit

    April 29, 2011 - 17:44:29   |   See all My Comments

    As a member of the site, this review is very accurate. To add to that, these guys are the real deal, and yes, their honesty comes through each and every minute of each video. So honest, in fact, you'll feel like you know them very quickly. As for the friendship, looking at their scenes together, you feel like a voyeur because of the chemistry between them. These guys have a bright future and are setting a new standard.

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