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There's good news and bad news and eye-watering news here folks. Boys Destroyed started off in 2010 but since then has only uploaded 24 scenes. The good news is that they are exclusive and original and great quality and they come with access to one of the top networks around at the moment, The Gay Room. The bad news is that there have not been any updates since November 2011 (almost a year ago now). The eye-watering news is that all these scenes feature horny twinks and jocks, who are white, and an over-hung, well-endowed, impossibly-cocked-up ebony guy (or guys) who drill their asses.

And all that means that we have here 24 sexy scenes of an interracial and 'big dick' nature. I'm tempted to think that they ran out of models willing to take on this monster trouser-snake abut actually what I think has happened is that the network has been going through a revamp and has been working hard on some of its other sites. But still, Boys Destroyed is worth a look and a sign op, not least of all because it gets you in to the top network of eight varied and good sites.

They each work in the same way in that you have a drop-down list so you can switch sites, they open in the same window, they have the same design and navigation making it easy to get around, and they have the same viewing options for videos and galleries. So I opened a Boys Destroyed video and found a cheeky looking young chap getting to grips with a ten inch black cock. And I was able to see this as a trailer, or as a high definition stream. This was the only stream choice I could see, so slower connections may have an issue here. There were three options for downloads, MPG, Mp4 and WMV and the quality was brilliant for all of them.

Movies run for around 20 to 25 minutes, the filming is natural and there are some set-ups and interviews, chats with the guys before the shoot. There is also foreplay with the white guy looking a bit more than surprised on occasions, when he sees what he is expected to deal with. It becomes a challenge though and these guys are not going to give in. The camera gets in close as they start to sit on this monster dick and you're waiting for that moment when he takes it all. You get it from time to time, but not every twink can take all of this length.

Built around these high quality videos are some great interactive options for members. You can rate the content and comment on it, there are linked tag/category words to aid navigation and sets of digital stills and screen caps. These come with zip file downloads and easy navigation too. And then, as you work your way through the menu, you find a model index, lots of search and sort options, a page of sites so you can read a bit about each one before heading off that way, a page of categories with content from all sites arranged in it, and there are links off to up-sell places as well; live cams, dating and so on.

Bottom Line:
Although, at the moment, Boys Destroyed is on hold, there are over 4,000 scenes offered with your membership, though not all on the interracial and big dick theme. You've got access to Damn That's' Big though, so there is more hardcore hot-rod action going on there. The dicks may not be as big and black as what you're hoping for but the site is being updated. So, all in all, a great network and some good quality big-dick interracial action.
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