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If you want to see something new, fresh and honest that's all about boys from Argentina, or if you simply want some sexy young Latin guys to get off with, then Buenos Boys is going to be right up your street, or your boulevard, your wide open avenue that leads to the Pink Palace and which is lined with some of the sexiest youths that South America has on offer.

I say 'honest' because I read the About page before I started my adventure and was very impressed with the story and the way it was written. Here's a guy who knows what you like and has gone out of his way to find it for you. And it's all about soft and sexy, dreamy and erotic Latino guys who are new and amateur. There's nothing sleazy about any of this, it's all high class and well put together; from the site design to the productions you're looking at quality here.

Enter the members' area and you will be surprised not to find 'Movies' or 'Galleries' listed, the site is model-led. Click the Models tab to start finding the content and you get a page of clear, large and well taken portraits, no nudity... yet. 40 handsome young men smile out at you, they are clean and bright, tanned and seductive looking, and all of them are smooth and muscled, but not overly so. You can sort these guys by name or date, a sort by age might be handy too, but it's easy to scroll down and see them all. What's not so easy is to decide who to get to know first.

Sucker for a cute smile and dark eyes, I clicked Julian who, like all the others, could well be a model for a glossy magazine, or an advert campaign. Julian was 20, with a 9" dick, which is not the reason I chose him, I didn't know these stats until I got to the good stats page where there was also another well written write up and intro. There were some erotic soft-core photos of him and I was wondering if I was ever going to see that hot cock, unit I noticed the Flash stream towards the top of the page. This was a preview of his movie, with music; short, to the point, well edited and he spoke to me at the end, bless. Beneath this were the viewing options with a good full length Flash stream, three kinds of downloadable files and a set of images.

The Flash stream opened in a new window so you can start, buffer, pause to let it carry on (to avoid start and stop) and then go and see some other guys while you wait. Or if you're well connected, you can just click and star the stream. Julian chatted away for a while in his native tongue, and there were subtitles in English for dunces like me who don't know the language. The sound quality was clear as was the image. Julian did chat on a bit and I couldn't jump through the scene until it has buffered, so I paused him while I went and checked out some other guys. Andres had a longer trailer, but a smaller dick, no less impressive though and was another 'should be a professional model' guy. (Looked a bit like Ronaldo...)

Those were only two of the boys, imagine how you feel after seeing all of them in their 15 to 20 minute chat and wank sessions. By the way, your bonuses include 13 digital photo galleries, separate from the ones that come with the videos, and two bonus videos from Lukas Kazan. All the photo sets are high digital quality and come in a nifty light box style gallery, and are easy to navigate.

Bottom Line:
Perfect Latino porn from Argentina with totally sexy bois in solo chats, strips, and jerk offs. It's classy, high quality, well maintained and good value when you think how exclusive it all is. A contender for the title of Top Latino Site of its generation.
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