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Once again we are getting a great value deal from the Gay room, one of the top networks around. Certainly one of the most original and varied with its set of eight themed sites. In this case it is the theme of hunky and horny, sometimes straight, men who come for an all over massage from an equally hunky masseur and then end up getting some 'extras' and real deep tissue treatments. It's all exclusive, it's all good quality and it's all well worth checking out.

You sign up (watch out for any pre-checked cross sales) and you are in to the main portal page for the network. It is easy to get distracted by the latest scene as it's plastered right across this first home page, and then you find you've got another 4,000 plus to view as well. But try to stay on track and use the drop-down list at the top to get to Massage Bait. Here you have108 themed scenes, with sexy couples made up of the masseur and the client, and you will find good sample pics with descriptions, details and dates. Click to see more and you're in to the viewing page.

Everything here works smoothly and well, though the stream does favour faster connections. You can take downloads in Mpg, Mp4 and WMV format though you do have to take the resolution as given to you, and it is a good one, so once again there may be some issues for slower connections. But I think it is safe to say that you won't have any complaints about what you get as an end result. The guys they find for these scenes are top in the fitness and looks departments, and yet here is good variety. They are amateur looking guys and some who are, or could be, porn models. The massage man has a hot cock and so do his clients, and there are wonderfully slow build ups to the main attraction, the oily fuck and cum scene later. Some movies run for up to 40 minutes, so you also get a lot of viewing time as well as a very satisfying time on the table. Movies come with screen caps as well and with high quality images. I found screen caps at 850 x 478 and digital stills at 1,500 x 1,000 where they were still clear and very good quality indeed.

Ok, so high quality movies and all about sexy guys getting a rub down with all the trimmings. If you like variety in your porn you may start to find the scenes a bit repetitive and that is why you get to access the other seven sites. You can do this individually or you can click to 'Scenes' and find all of them mixed up together across numbered index pages. You can also find your videos and galleries by the face and body pics of the guys in the model index. So you can search out any names you may know, or simply browse through the pics and get led that way. There are also category lists to help you find content, search options and sorting facilities, there are category and key words spread around the pages as well. Navigating the site and network is easy and you will have no trouble in that respect, and you will also find nice interactive options like rates and comments.

Bottom Line:
Basically what you are getting for your money here are exclusive and high quality movies that take massage and sex as their theme, downloads and streams, galleries and even trailers and then seven other sites from the Gay room, a network that is known for quality and originality. Go for it, and relax, let the experts do the work while you simply enjoy the experience of a Gay Room membership.
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