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Maverick Men
Maverick Men
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Here's a site that goes to prove that you can get famous via XTube. These guys started off on an adult tube site, simply showing the world what they got up to in their private moments. Their fame and popularity grew to such an extent that now they've got their own site, and they advertise for guys to come and play with them - but they only 'play' on camera. When they are alone they are alone, but when they are with their buddies, well, the world rocks.

Here's what you do: you look around the tour at the pics and trailers, then you buy time for the members' area. You're not actually buying a membership here, it's more like pay to view, but you will need to know how much time you are going to need to view what the guys have on offer. And that's where I come in.

I checked out the restricted, PPV, area for you and found 35 videos running for between 20 and 90 minutes each. As a very rough underestimation then you can say 40 minutes per movie, so you're going to need around 22 hours to view everything - but that's only a rough guess as I didn't check the runtimes of every single movie. But it certainly looks like you don't get short clips or quick vids here, you've got long scenes, and this gives things time to develop. You will definitely want money in the bank though, I mean in the credits set-up, to start your viewing, although you can view trailers for free.

The trailers are generous, at around four minutes each, you get a good flavor for the homemade, amateur scenes to come. The guys chat to cam, they introduce the new guy and then, after a couple of minutes, the horny stuff starts. What you have to bear in mind here (and especially if you are thinking of applying to be in a movie, which you can do), is that these two studs are tops. Alpha Male tops and make no mistake. The hardcore fuck scenes are all about them drilling the ass of some younger, wiling bottom boy, and that's it. Well, it's not just that, there are great build-ups, oral, rimming and all other kinds of fun going on, but the point is that you're not going to see your hosts roll over and hoist their legs. That's the job of the guest fuck-ee in each movie. Even if, as in at least one show, the guy himself is hung like a horse.

Ok, so you've got well made, amateur, exclusive, hand-held movies here featuring two main guys who seem to do nothing but fuck and film their accomplices who are varied, but it looks like they favor younger, smoother, easy to dominate, cute boys and twinks. There are also some appearances by straight guys and you get some straight cherry popping too. Basically, the content is very horny and a decent quality. It's also easy to get to as the whole site is very simple and basic. You've got the trailers, the movies, a favourites area and some links to support at the bottom of the pages. You can comment on what you see, there's a home page to see what's new and you get good write-ups and descriptions, plus a good upload schedule. You will have no technical worries when you click in to Maverick Men.

Bottom Line:
This is very horny stuff and make no mistake. These guys know what they like and they like to make hardcore movies at home with real amateur guys. It's easy to use, you will need to buy your time before you click in, and you will need lots of time to view the long movies, some of which run for over an hour.
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