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How about this: 19 men on over 50 exclusive movies, all getting stripped naked, anally violated and jerked off buy other guys who remain clothed. That's what CNMN is all about, and boy is it a hot site that works.

CNMN stands for clothed male, naked male, in case you'd not figured that out yet and that's the niche the site sits in. One guy is stripped, dominated, humiliated and basically interfered with, by a group of other guys who all remain clothed. The scenes take you through the whole process from where the 'victim' is dressed, to the end where he is wanked off, whether he likes it or not.

Once you are safely logged in to the members' area you're going to find it nice and simple to use. You can browse the models or the latest updates, and what I really liked was that the menu bar was all about updates. There are links to home, scenes and the guys, but beneath is a line of what's recent and the dates are here, so you can easily keep an eye out for something new. Being me I went straight to the model list and found the youngest, cutest guy and clicked not his scene. You're told when a guy appears in a strip, humiliation or wank scene and if he has made all three you get the chance to select which one you want to see first.

This particular young guy had put himself through all three stages of the process, probably for money, and I selected the wank scene where he was tied in a chair, naked, and where three older men in suits 'dealt' with him. This scene ran for seven gorgeous minutes in a decent Flash screen that went full size with no trouble. There were also two download options for a couple of quality WMV files. The sound was good, the guys talk to their naked buddy throughout, and the visuals were good too. The camera position changes so you get in close when you need to, and nothing is missed. The scenes also come with screen caps to enlarge so you can collect some special moments that way too. These are good quality images that come with simple navigation buttons, so clicking trough the scene is not a problem.

So, what about the guys? We know what they do and have done to them, but what are they like? They are a varied bunch. They are amateur too and I got the impression that some of them had replied to adds, or similar, and were out to make money. They were that desperate that they allowed other, clothed guys, to forcibly strip them, to invade their asses with toys and vibrators, to humiliate them, and then to us their dicks at their will.

That's your collection so far, ordinary amateur guys being striped, played with and jerked by guys in suits and ties. It's hot and horny for sure, it doesn't get repetitive and you can make comments on the scenes if you want. It's a simple set up and one that works really well.

Bottom Line:
CMNM fits neatly not its genre of male domination and humiliations and it works well as a fetish site. You're going to find exclusive movies with decent galleries, exclusive models and amateur guys, horny men, lots of action and good length scenes. Remember there is only one naked guy per scene (I'd like to see some of the others stripped sometime, turn the tables), and each scene usually has three parts. Updates look good, everything works well and even though there is not a huge amount of scenes, the site gets a good thumbs up from me for originality and quality.
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