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You know, I reckon the Next Door Network/studio/company has gone completely barmy. Not only are they adding more, new and exclusive sites to their set up, they are now letting people sign up for one site at a standard price and giving away access to all of their sites at the same time. Of course, that's not a bad thing at all for us porn fanatics, and Next Door Twink is one of the more recent additions to this fabulous arrangement.

It was a logical step I guess, from Next Door Male, Next Door Hookups and even Next Door Buddies, to have a site that is not only top quality, but which has top quality 'boys next door' style models who are in the twink range. A lot of them could easily pass for your average, amateur models, and some for jocks but most are good old, smooth and hung, sweet and horny twinks.

The site started up only a few months back so you've only got 27 episodes in your members' area at the moment, but don't be greedy. There are 20 sites in total included in your membership. But, for your exclusive twink content:

New scenes are being added every week and they are a mixture of solos and action scenes, mainly action ones actually with two or three horny twinks from next door in each one. The most recent is featured on your home page with a large Flash screen to stream in, a choice of three qualities of stream in total, including an HD version (2096k @ 720 x 400), and two choices for downloading. Run times are around 25 minutes each, you are told the upload date and who appears in each hot scene; and these names come with links to that guys' listings in the model index, where you can click over to other scenes he has appeared in.

As we've come to expect from the Next Door guys you get awesome quality productions here. That's not just to do with he HD filming, but the way the movies are filmed and directed. They don't just launch straight in to the sex, though it doesn't take long to get started, and you can 'scrub' through the movies to skip the intros if you want. But you will also find times when the guys simply have fun, sit around and chat, comment on each others' cocks, and you may get a solo jerk moment during a threesome scene; there are several little inventive moments like this which make the movies special. And there is lots of hot hardcore too of course.

You've also got photo sets here and you get to them from the neat and simple top menu. There were 33 when I was looking at the site, and what's really nice about these galleries is you get very collectable posed shots as well as good and clear action ones. Check out Cliff Jensen, for example: not only has he got a great body and a very sexy face but he's got a way the camera loves. You will find him posing hard and proud, and there are neat portraits too. The camera captures his face, body, ass, cock and all points in between in the small but well taken, and good quality sets - and those plus points apply equally to the other sets too.

And finally, for your other things: you've got a link to Live Cams to take you to Cody Cummings Live, there are links to stores and toys, a page of links and a page about the boys - a general write up rather than an individual model index. All your social networking links are at the top of the page where you can also change the site's language, and don't forget the added bonuses in that all important drop down list.

Bottom Line:
Another hot offering from Next Door and one that's going to knock your socks off. Give it more time for more content to be added and it's going to be another shining five out of five. Great guys, good quality movies and pics, an easy site to use and exceptional value for money.
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  • Uromar

    December 27, 2010 - 19:02:25   |   See all My Comments

    It's a new Next Door Studios Website and it's so hot. 35 videos shoots with younger and college men like Jake Lyons, Isaac Novac, Ryan Middleton... A lot of pictures... And I found a 33% off with REDUC33 promo code for your membership.

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