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Afton Nills presents Twinkylicious, a new and already sparkling twink site that has loads of neat goodies up its sleeve.

I always wonder how anyone can make a twink site that is different. They're all the same aren't they? Young and sexy boys make out, jerk off, strip and play and we get to watch them. Simple? Not always. The trick is to make a site attractive and different. You can do this by having HD content, good movies, great galleries, lots of extras and bonus sites, interactive options, favorites areas, information and of course, totally load blowing younger models. Twinkylicious has all this and yes, it does stand out above the others... well most of them anyway.

For a start you've got a great director and team behind the site, then you've got a cast of around 300 guys appearing here - and in your bonus sites. Yes, you have bonus sites too; five from the Gaylife Network and they are all exclusive. You will also find that the site is currently advertising Twinklight the newest twink sex vampire flick, and you can take a look at it - well, you can take a look at what you can get if you join the site, which is backstage footage and interviews, and for a few dollars more, the actual movie itself.

But meanwhile, back to the twinks at Twinkylicious. There are some known faces in her and some very hot bodies. You've got what is kind of standard for a twink site: sweet youths, hung guys, solos and hardcore, cut and uncut cocks and lots of smooth virgin flesh. Virgin? Well, not for long.

You've also got good viewing options when you come to see a scene. There is an instant Flash stream which you can change into one of four resolutions to suit your set up, and there are five choices for downloading, some in WMV and some MP4 files that will suit various kinds of iPods. No problems there. You've also got links to tags, galleries and suggested scenes, and you ratings opportunity. With the galleries you find decent quality images, zip downloads, an individual pics. Some are not that huge (screen caps perhaps?) but they were all perfectly viewable and you can collect as many as you want.

Checking the updates for you I found that it can be a little hit and miss - three one month, one the next and so on, but don't forget your extras and the bonus sites, they also update and, as much of their content is twink themed, you're going to find even more sexy youths in solos and hardcore movie and galleries over there.

Moving around the site is simple enough, you have a set top menu, and you can click into any of the sites that you are now able to access from one page. They are all linked so you can easily get back to where you were. There's a search engine too, and the site benefits from a neat and easy to use design. All technical aspects worked well for me, and had no problems in the site and no complaints either.

Bottom Line:
A good looking, functional, well put together and quality content site from a network known for its masterly handling of twink porn. You've got variety with the Gaylife Network, and access to it through this site, and you've got exclusive, well made movies, great twinks and hours of fun.
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