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  • Updated: 2010-03-01
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Apart from giving you access to a set of bonus sites, when you join Gay Asian Piss you get the neat mix of two big genres: Asian guys and watersports. The other sites bring you more Asian guys and hot sex, plus a medical fetish site at Doctor Twink, so you can add those genres to your list too. And, as the network is well priced and well maintained, you're actually getting a lot of porn for your buck when you opt to join this great set of sites.

But looking at Gay Asian Piss: you've got a collection of videos and galleries that take kinky watersports themes, and you've got a site that is compact and easy to use. You start off at a home page appropriately enough designed in yellow, and here you find the latest videos. As these come with dates is easy to see the update schedule and it had been regular and frequent; with something new being added each week.

When I was in the site there were already 85 of these video offerings, exclusive and definitely on niche. The movies contain a mix of hardcore and watersports so you might find a hot fuck scene followed by the pee-play, or you may find two guys taking a warm shower in the bathroom, a warm shower in more ways than one of course. But whatever movie you decide to download you're going to find smooth and young Asian guys, some with neat little cocks, others who are more well hung, tight asses, plenty of dark flesh and some very sweet faces. And all your yellow antics too of course. The site really does stay on target with its content, certainly in the video area. You've only got the one choice of file type with AVI files and you're clearly told that you need to download the movie before you view it. There is plenty of help and support available if you're new to AVI files, but they are nothing to fear.

And when you get the flicks, you'll find them a decent quality, well filmed and nice and natural. Some are in clips while others are full length scenes. And, as you go through them, you get the chance to rate them, giving them a mark out of five.

Over in the gallery area you will find 110 photo sets, with variously sized photos and different numbers per gallery. But they are all on niche too, with some arty shots of flaccid cocks leaking piss, some hardcore shots and scenes depicted and plenty of solo, cute boys wetting themselves and each other. It's a good collection of water-sport pics with an Asian theme, and easy to browse through.

In your main menu you also have links to pages to show you what's coming soon, but these were empty when I visited, though I've got no doubt that there will be new content coming, and on a regular basis too. There are also links up there to your bonus sites, and you won't have any trouble getting from one area of the network to the next. It's all well thought out, simple and easy to use.

Bottom Line:
Gay Asian Piss mixes gay Asian sex with watersports and so is something of a hard to find and rare combination. If you're into the yellow then you'll want to see it, if you're into Asian guys you'll want to see it, and if you're into Asian guys but not yellow then you'll want to see it as you can also access the Asian themed bonus sites. The quality is fine, the site is updated regally, it's a simple set up to use and you get what you're promised on the tour. Straightforward and on-niche.
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