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This is Mike Hancock's private collection of his own porn movies and galleries. He actually has three sites and there is an option to join all three in one go, with a sliding scale of membership - the longer you stay a member, the less you pay. But let's look at the guys at the simply named Mike Hancock site.

Where to start? There are 13 index pages bringing you 152 exclusive movies so far, and each one features a hunky straight looking, or actually straight, guy in each movie. These men are not afraid to try something new. There are some great first time fuck scenes, straight guys enjoying toys in their ass as a new experience, solos, -helping hand' movies where a str8 gets jerked by another guy, and some totally hot fuck scenes. I particularly liked Slammin' Stiffy as the top guy kept his clothes on, but that's another story - check it out for yourself.

The top menu is easy to follow as it takes you to the main area, the Videos, then to a model index with 119 amateur, good looking and varied guys, there's an About page, a link to Mike on Twitter, and a help area.

Back to the model index. Search through it to find a face pic of a sex bomb you want to see more of, I chose a youthful Bryan, and click him to get to his main page. Here you will find stats and links to his appearances. These stats are more than the usual information, as if the model had been interviewed, so that's' a little extra for you. And when you get to the movies themselves you will find more of a write up on the synopsis page. Click the next tab for the pictures from this scene and there you get a collection of video stills. We're told that this is what these are so you're but being promised HD pics and then finding screen caps - you know that's what you're going to get. Sadly the first ones I saw were only 320 x 240 in size, but they were from back in 2006. Looking at some more recent galleries I found larger sizes at 640 x 480, so that was better.

Back to the sexy Bryan and the sample video. I found a choice of full length, high or low bandwidth movies, plus the movie divided into segments, these were available for download or stream (keep your username and password handy) and they opened in a WMV player. I found the 320 x 240 screen was actually ok to view even at full size. The more up-to-date movies streamed at 764kbps @ 720 x 480, which was just right.

So technically you should be ok in here and you should have no trouble with navigation. What you might have trouble with is keeping your dick down as you watch these straight hunks get milked by Mike and co. And the fact that this is often their first time experiencing man on man sex simply makes the hot scenes hotter. The guys are the stars for sure here, though the direction and filming quality is good too. (And Mike is cute!) And it's that fact that these are ordinary guys trying extraordinary things that makes Mike Hancock stand out as a porn maker, movie star and website.

Bottom Line:
Exclusive scenes, easy to access and featuring some hunky first timers, that's the main drive here at a site that presents you with good quality content. This is just one site in a group of three, and my advice is to take up the network pass offer, which reduces in price over time, and make sure you benefit from everything that this outstanding network has to offer.
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There are 11 comments on this review

  • poloboy50

    January 06, 2010 - 10:49:06   |   See all My Comments

    I am comming to the end of a one month membership. Not one update. I'm just glad I did a non-recurring. Stay clear of this one guys.

  • Dolphin777

    January 04, 2010 - 05:37:24   |   See all My Comments

    Cancelled.. Signed up 10/11 for the all encompassing pass for $34.95 a month. And, there has been no new update since then.

    What a rip off!!!!!

  • giannihound

    October 29, 2009 - 15:03:28   |   See all My Comments

    Not sure where all the hate is coming from (above). I just watched the Pat Bateman video and it was just made a few months ago. I also saw that they re-issuing past videos, now DRM free, and mixing those in with new releases. Love you Mike Hancock!

  • lambda

    October 11, 2009 - 23:59:35   |   See all My Comments

    After a long period of no updates, Mike Hancock has decided to listen to public opinion and remove DRM from his videos. He has removed older videos and is re-posting them as new. This time without DRM. I belonged to this site for a period some time ago and believe me, there were no videos I wanted to keep.

  • phyre10

    June 10, 2009 - 19:18:32   |   See all My Comments

    Don't waste your time or money on this site. The gallery of videos posted on Justusboys must have come from a different site or simply taken down because the selection of videos on Mick Hancock is very limted. The updates are infrequent and there really isn't a lot there to feast your eyes on....I give it one star for the 2-3 decent action videos.

  • scotts845us

    March 31, 2009 - 06:11:04   |   See all My Comments

    I joined this site (luckily for a non-recurring single month) and all of the video links are dead, performance is slow. You cannot even submit a ticket for tech support! A total rip-off and waste of 30 bucks. Steer clear of this one guys.

  • Quilty

    January 13, 2009 - 16:57:02   |   See all My Comments

    How the smug and mighty fall.
    http://www.examiner.com/x-2092-Sex -Scandal-Examiners~y2008m12d22-Porn-acto r-Jack-Venice-given-life-sentence-for-ra pe-of-student

  • FraudAlert

    August 07, 2008 - 16:51:31   |   See all My Comments

    I am so mad about this website. The owner think that they can just ignore you after they get the payment. I have a mac and half of the items I can not open and have to do tedious segment opening for those work on Mac. The website clearly states that it is PC and Mac friendly but you do not know it until you pay and log in and it is not compatible on Mac. I asked for customer support and all they said was that download free flip4 Mac which does not work for DRM system. The customer service have no clue what DRM is and it really makes me mad. They have ignored me since. It makes me so mad that they lie and ignore their customers. How can we stop to end to this? Any ideas?

  • Minnesota Guy

    March 10, 2008 - 09:12:55   |   See all My Comments

    I was a member one time last year, 2007. It had great promise. Sizzling sex. My month end membership ended and I decided to wait for more updates to renew. (If a site updates regularly I stay with them.) Anyway for the last 6 months I go back from time to time to see what new updates there are - probably 1 j/o scene or an oral session is put up on the website once a month. If I had a reoccuring membership it would be a ripoff.

    Not sure what is happening at this website but they started out strong but ended up very weak in late 2007 and early 2008 with few updates and lack of new content. Check out the earlier material but don't expect much after one month of membership.

  • larry459714

    January 25, 2008 - 21:52:28   |   See all My Comments

    I will give this site props for the hot boys but careful; there is a good chance you wont be able to view them. Im always glad to see trial memberships available on these websites for exactly the reason Im getting ready to tell you.
    Everything starts out like usual. 16 pages of men you can choose from and download either per segment or the entire clip. Apparently Mike hasnt learned that DRM causes more problems and frustrations for the consumer that it does protect his content.
    So a couple of hours into my membership I start getting error messages stating "Not able to render file..." so on and so forth. I tried everything that the general questions area suggested. Redownloaded WMP, tried several other players, codecs you name it but got no where. So I figure its time to email tech support and find out what the problem could be. Now mind you this is a tech support that boasts on the website that they are available 24/7 365 days a year. Well 12 hours later, no reply from this 24 hr tech support. So I venture back into the site hoping that whatever the problem was it has been fixed; nope. So now out of my 2 day trial period, over half of it has been useless, and this is why I insist on trial periods before I buy a full membership.

    So good luck, if the material plays well for you then the site is worth it. If it doesnt, well; your S.O.L my friend because 24 tech support is on a 23 hours lunch break.

  • joecums

    April 25, 2007 - 21:24:13   |   See all My Comments

    I have been a member of this site a quite some time and still am till now! Ok lets get into it :

    1. Video Quality 700k, DRM protected but you can still acquire your licenses eventhough your membership has expired and works with a single pc/laptop.

    2. Mike has started to feature some pornstars like BRAD STAR, ANDREW JUSTICE to name a few and that's a PLUS for members. Wait till you see they BLOWN away by MIKE the mighty!

    3. Cumshot review - Yes u get to see 2 camera views on most vids. The most important part again is the expression on the face of those beefy studs when they get blown.

    CAUTION! Get your tissues out first

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