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Being me, the first thing I did when I logged in to Thug Orgy was browse through the videos to see if these really are orgy scenes. We've probably all seen sites that claim to have group sex and orgies, and then only give us threesomes, which are not really orgies, so I was keen to test the water. And I was pleased to discover that just about all of the movies here are indeed true orgies. I'm just looking down one page of scenes and there are nine guys in the first, six in the second, and at least four in each of the others. And the models are all black, so we've got a nice selection of around 100 man-sex videos staring hunky, hung, horny (and other appropriate words starting with 'H') guys, just as promised on the tour.

Coming to you from AEBN and Gunz Blazing, Thug Orgy is also going to give you quality in its productions, and they are going to be exclusive too. You've got good viewing options for the videos with WMV downloads in a good quality resolution and streams in a choice of five resolutions each for Flash and WMV. That means that your connection isn't going to be a problem, there is a stream suitable for dial up all the way up to broadband. The site also tells us that the movies are DRM free, which is good news for all collectors of hardcore, ebony, gang-bang videos.

You've also got a selection of 31 solos movies here, so we're not 100% orgy but we are 10% ebony, in various shades of skin colour. If you want to see who appears in what then there is a model index to use. I browsed through 170 or so sexy guys, including the famous legend Thugzilla, each shown with a face pic. As with the movies and pics, you can rate the guys and see how they have fared in the members' rankings. Simply click a guy to see what videos or photos he appears in; all nice and simple and very satisfying.

For photo collections you've got screen caps with the movies which open to a size around 850 x 480 and come with slideshows. The ones I tried opened up down at the bottom of the page leaving a lot of black background at the top, and making wonder if anything had happened. Check your screen setting if you get this. There are also 70 Hardcore Pics photo sets to enjoy and these contain various amounts of images each. The ones I opened clicked up to 1024 x 685 in size, were clear and focused and also came with slideshows.

So, you've got a lot of good quality ebony group orgy scenes and galleries here, and some neat solos. And for an added attraction you've also got exclusive access to the Men-Live live sex shows, where you will find some of the models are ebony guys. This is a real bonus for you as it is fully included with your membership, no need to pay extra, and there are loads of previous shows recorded in the archives. Add in your bonus site access to Dark Thunder and you're kind of laughing all the way to the wank, if you see what I mean.

Bottom Line:
Good quality, easy to use, comes with extras and live shows, gets updated and the majority of the content is black orgies with hung thugs that leave you dripping and gasping for more. Pretty near perfect I'd say - more content would mean a top rate.
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