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You may have heard of Dirk Yates. He's been making gay films for right on 30 years, and is known for his hard-man, military sex movies that we all love to see. He became somewhat infamous in 1993 when news broke that real Marines from Camp Pendleton had been appearing in his Private Collection, and since then he's been busy stetting up All World Videos, working with Jerry Douglas, Wash West and Chi Chi LaRue, among other famous directors of top quality porn.

So, here at his site you've got his collection. You could rush out and buy these hot numbers in the stores, but it would cost you an arm and a leg to get them all, while by becoming a member of his site you can get them all for a well priced monthly membership. But what exactly do you get when you enlist in this military porn academy? Well, that's why I am here to tell you.

To start with you have 12 categories to browse through in a left menu; plus a top menu to take you directly to the titles and the shows; you see, Dirk also has a live show site, Dirk Yates Live, and you, as a member, get to access the archived performances. In those other categories, and menu items, you also find the famous Private collection, the Top Brass series, Few Proud Naked, other series plus bisexual and straight porn that Dirk has been involved with. You've got a great stock of content, there is plenty of it and you're going to need a long time to see it all.

When you settle on a series to watch, you click it and find a page of box-shots; the movies are all presented here as full DVDs, and you simply check through the titles and shots to see which one might be the one you want to see first. Example: check the Private Collection and you've got over 200 DVDs to browse. Many of these covers look the same, as they are from the same series, so pick a number and click 'Info' to find out a little more about them. You'll see the cast list, director's names and front and back covers and a little info. You also get straight to the stream this way, or you can simply hit 'Play' on the index pages and get straight to the movie that way. It's very easy to get to view the content here though you can only view it online in Flash.

Mind you, within the Flash streaming player that appears you have up to eight choices of speed, so even if you are on a slow connection you will be able to watch these guys. And what guys they are! Military, hunky, well built, smooth chested, certainly well hung, natural, beefy and sometimes even young in the cadet range, there is on shortage of man-meat and hunky body here. And there's no shortage of solo jerk offs, glory hole action, hardcore and all stops in between. There are chats and interviews too, so you see your military guy in his uniform, talking about his job and then stripping and getting down to the heady stuff; or even keeping his uniform on while he's doing it, which is even better.

And from then on it's plain sailing. You click from one excellent production to the next and you find yourself in one of the biggest collections of real, military guy, gay sex sites you're even going to be lucky enough to join.

Bottom Line:
From the design to the guys, from the direction to the cum shots, it's all perfect at Dirk Yates. You can access the mobile version of the site and the full online one with the same membership to see hot and exclusive military guy solos and action movies that will take you an age to view. It's streaming only, but it's perfect porn and great value. Enlist now.
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