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  • Updated: 2010-02-02
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You know, I am trying to imagine where on earth this site gets so much hot Asian porn from and how come they manage to update it just about every day? I mean, there is a huge load of stuff here already and their update schedule is brilliant. They must have this vast barn filled with clips and photos, and out the back there are sexy Asian guys being filmed 24/7.

Ok, so I am impressed with the update schedule at Gay Asian Twinkz, just as I am with the other sites in the network - a network that you fully access when you join one of the sites. (Spunk Stars, Laughing Asians, Str8 Boyz Seduced, Brazilian Studz and Defiant Boyz.)

Click in to your members' area to find a good stock of Asian porn - for other kinds of porn view your bonus sites or the extra feeds to get to access. I did a quick count through our exclusive videos here and found just under 250 dating back to December 2008. These are good quality, full length scenes and clips, you've got a choice for viewing and they are all 100% Asian. You can go for a decent sized stream, and though it's not the largest I've even seen, it is quite fast and smooth. There are also downloads for iPods and a large quality WMV version for each scene too. The download transfer rate did chug along a bit slowly for my liking at around 58kbps; when you've got a file size of 350Mbs this could take a while to arrive. But you are going to get great quality viewing once you've got it. The movies are well made, well edited and well horny.

Smooth and young Asian guys are one thing but two together in hardcore oral and anal scenes, that play out naturally and in a very horny way, are another, and you've got loads here - with new ones coming more or less every day.

If it's not a video that you get each day then it may be a photo set and there were 255 Model Photo sets, where you get the Asian boys posing in solo scenes, or where you get images from movies. These images opened up to good sizes, around 640 x 1139 for example, they were clear and digital and slideshow options were available. You've also got the Movie Shot galleries as a separate area, and here you have 138 image sets, with various amounts of pics, which are screen caps from some of the videos -again slideshows are available.

So, a nice set of movies and a nice set of galleries - then you've got a good set of bonus sites with other kinds of guys and sex, and one more Asian site - this one deals with fetish, feet and fun. But you'll discover that when you join and start looking around. And, for an extra Asian addition, you've got some bonus DVDs on your feed sites page. These come from a couple of other well known and exclusive Asian boy sites, so you really are getting some great extras here.

Bottom Line:
This is one of those Asian sites that knows what it's doing, it's finding you great looking younger and smooth, horny and hard Asian boys and putting them in well made and easy to access hardcore movies. There are photos and loads of extras and a very impressive update schedule. Looking for Asian porn, value plus extras? This is where you find it.
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