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Phew! I've just returned from a tour around the members' area of Strong Men (quickly followed by a cold shower) and can't wait to get back. No, this isn't going to be an over the top rave, though there would be nothing inappropriate about that, purely a simple look at what's on offer. The basic set up is: strong, fit, muscled guys jerk off solo. Going deeper you find that these are exclusive videos and some are in HD format. Delving further in and you'll find photo sets and bonus content too. But the most important thing is that the tour doesn't lie to you. You get what you are offered.

Plus a little bit more: I found some duo/action videos though the main thrust is the solo ones. The site has found some great looking hunks of various ages and appearance. You will find jocks who have worked out working out their cocks and older, fit guys, who are not afraid to show off their asses as they take up various positions on the sofa while they whack one off. Great cum shots complete the standard length scenes and different locations, plus the varied hunks, give you variety.

Accessing the movies is easy and you are clearly told the resolution of each scene. Examples: WMV download, 1280 x 720 size, 3,000 kbps in a file that's 332 Mbs big. There are streaming options too including WMV, Flash and Mpeg-4 for the new HD movies. The 'standard' ones - the pre-HD ones - come in a range of WMV sizes from 1024kb down to 128kb with a Quicktime version as well. Although there are only seven new HD scenes there are 88 standard ones but these are just as good in terms of variety of men and good, natural performances and sound.

It looks like the exclusive picture content is a new addition to the site too with only five galleries of the more recent models, but these are well stocked with good sized, digital images at a top 1600 x 1066 px. Very collectable. Over in the standard gallery area you'll find 394 sets, solos, action and groups, again with large clear images. Once you start exploring this gallery area, watch out for the new windows that open, one per set and one per individual pic. I didn't look through every single one to see if all the guys here were muscled and strong but everyone I saw seemed to have something defined about them; chest, stomach, legs etc.

Your membership at Strong Men also gets you access to 57 feed sites - third party content with streaming video clips and pics that lots of sites use. These cover all kinds of other genres and are more padding than anything else. A good diversion from the muscle guys though and there is enough exclusive content in the main part of the site to justify the membership fee. These will keep you going while you wait for an exclusive update, and these seem to come in at one every two weeks (videos) but more regularly with the photos. You will find the update news on the home page with a long list of updates to the feed sites - the site obviously keeps an eye on these and does keep you well informed of what's new.

Bottom Line:
Great looking guys appear here in a site that keeps to its promises. It brings you exclusive videos and bonus (non-exclusive) content and galleries, all of which feature toned, strong and fit guys. It's mainly solo scenes that you will get off too but there are some couples in action and erotic videos too. It's good quality, nicely designed and won't let you down.
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