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BoyMegaplex: This is like walking into a huge shopping mall where, once you have paid your entrance fee, everything is free. There are walkways leading off towards the videos, there's a path to the galleries here, in another direction you will find bonus sites and over there is the library, the shops, the chat rooms and even more videos. It's head spinning stuff and a big place to take you through but I shall do my best.

Ok, video galleries: 19 categories, various amounts of movies in each one. Select your category and go... You can't go wrong with a bit of uniform themed sex and here I had a choice of prison guards, cops, sailors and other military guys from young to old, and from smooth to hairy. You have a short description of each scene and details on how to view. It's download a zip file or stream a Flash player, no choice of file size or quality, what you see is what you get.

There must be over 600 movies on this site (not counting the extras that we'll come to later) and they are all available to download without restrictions. Are they exclusive? Well, some are exclusive to the network of which this site is a part, others you may have seen before but that's not a problem. You're told when the video is exclusive (and there were plenty of them) and when it's a high definition version as the more recent additions to the site tend to be. You're well treated in terms of quality with great performances, good filming, good sound and very erotic, horny, hardcore scenes.

The same goes for the photo galleries where you will find good quality shots from some of the movies plus a wide range of other subject matter in the 19 categories. These category drop-down lists make it easy to navigate the site, and the galleries come with simple forward and back buttons on individual photo pages. Images are a good size, you can download them and I didn't see one that was fuzzy or pixilated, only sharp and clear.

So, we've had a quick dash around the videos and galleries, now let's head off down another aisle and see what else Boy Megaplex has on offer today. Working down the main menu of options we come to a warehouse of third party feed sites. Many sites use these to bump up their content count (this site doesn't need to as there's already so much of it) and here we have the best of the bunch on show. You can stream movies from around 30 sites with subjects ranging from Euro meat to Trannies. There are daily videos on offer in the next section with 18 categories and, we assume, a new movie every day. There are 100 small, quick, MPEG files to download bringing you loads of twink oral and anal action so you can dash in, dash one off the wrist and dash out again to next door where you will find the support page if you need help. After a quick rest there you can stop off at the Boy Campus set of galleries, drop in to the pay per view theatre (bring your wallet) and the live sex shows. And we haven't even got to the five bonus sites yet but I think you've got the message.

Bottom Line:
Boy Megaplex is huge, it's well stocked with content, it's easy to access, there are loads of extras, it's fun and it's totally a great value for the money. New content is being thrust at you all the time too so you're going to be hard pressed to view it all. In fact you're just going to be hard so set aside plenty of time and tissues and enjoy.
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  • luke79

    February 03, 2009 - 09:53:12   |   See all My Comments

    you are right, boy megaplex really is mega! I flipped through the video pages and counted over 1500 videos, and they are not exactly cheap with the updates either, last week there were 7 new videos added. I did not like them all (there is a big mix from twink to mature to asian to bareback), but shit, I loved 4 of them and that is like 4 times the number of new videos I would have got on any other site. I also like the free access to the twinks for cash site.

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