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So we are dealing with big, butch, hairy and fit guys here in a site that is home made in a very professional manner, by Butch Dixon himself (if that's his real name). Don't expect screaming twinks or queens here, these guys are all daddies and cubs, they sport fantastic cocks and love getting naked. Let me try and describe the varied and wonderful sights that await you in the members' area.

First off, check the welcome message which tells us there have been some changes here and at your bonus site UK Naked Men - faster servers and easier access, for example. But then feast your eyes on the hunks awaiting your pleasure. There are pics of the recent updates and top guys here, and it's a bit hard to tear yourself away from the home page, you just want to sit and drool over these real men. But don't worry, they are there again when you go to the video area, still in large sample pics and spread out over six pages, and that adds up to 50 movies, all featuring hot hunks with hard cocks, in solo and action movies.

The individual movie pages take a bit of getting used to, but only because there are so many viewing options to cope with. Three qualities of WMV covering full length and halved scenes, iPhone streaming (via iTunes) in two qualities, a Real version and another WMV one that's 'good' as opposed to 'best' or 'better' like the others. I just clicked a 'good' one, almost out of desperation, and got an embedded player that was actually pretty small and which I couldn't get to full screen - so go for the 950 x 540 version if you can. You'll appreciate the clear visuals, the good sound and the clarity of all the versions available.

Your quality continues in the galleries where you have shots at 680 x 1024 in size that are well taken and clear. There is a nice mix of hardcore, solo, nudity and portraits in here and we're going for quality all the way. You'll find more hot pics of your very hot men in the model index where you are introduced to each one with a short description and the taken over to view all or any of his appearances.

So all that works nice and simply, the site has a good design, it looks professionally managed and the content is all exclusive to Butch Dixon. But there is something special here too, something that catches the eye and draws you in. And that thing is the men. They are all as promised on the tour, in fact you should be able to tell straight away from the tour how hunky and horny these older guys are; but it's not until you get inside and see the quality of the productions and the way that they interact together that you realise just how good this site is. As a member you get the chance to rate things here but I reckon that's a bit of a pointless exercise; everything and everyone in here deserves a five out of five.

Bottom Line:
Stunning, that's one word to sum up Butch Dixon and stunning in all respects. It's got a simple and very effective design, it's well looked after, it features totally hot men in the older, daddy, range, with some younger cubs too, the choice of viewing for videos is outstanding and the photos are spot on. There's not a lot more to say really other than, Thanks for giving us such a great site as a very reasonable price.
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  • lambda

    January 11, 2009 - 14:15:46   |   See all My Comments

    I have access to Butch Dixon as a bonus site of UK Naked Men in January 2008. The site is not that old so content is not extensive yet and not all original. However, the potential is there as the site grows and more original content is added. It should eventually be a stand-alone site deserving its own member base.

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