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  • Updated: 2008-09-11
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Have you got what it takes to be a Big Dick Search guy? Well it doesn't matter if you don't, as you can always log in and feast your eyes on some naturally large cocks instead. And if you are wondering if these cocks are really big then I'd have to say... yes, at least some of them are. There's a girl with a tape measure to prove it. There were some six inchers on display here but others were way longer.

The scenarios for the videos are kind of similar but they are fun and these are real guys from the street. What happens is this: a guy is wandering the street when a car pulls up and a luscious babe sticks her head out and simply says she is on a big dick search. The guy is persuaded to show off his length then get in and see how big he can make it. The guy in the video plays with himself as the girl chats away to him (which can get a bit annoying) and sometimes helps him out by flashing her tits. Towards the end of the scenes, which usually run for around ten minutes, things get more serious and the videos end with him blowing a load on his stomach or into his hand. Real straight guys jerking off on camera is what this is all about with the added bonus of the lengths. You size queens shouldn't be disappointed as the young, hung honchos whip out their meat and flap it around for you.

Flicking around the 11 pages I counted 24 inches between three guys on one page; that's somewhere in the region of 22 feet of cock with more being added to the site on a regular basis. I'd say the average length of dick here was 8.5 inches long and probably six inches in girth.

As for other technical things; the site does well. You will find at least two connection speeds to suit everyone from dial up to broadband and you can stream the videos in the page or download the file. The quality is good, the sound is clear and even though the videos are shot in the back of a car you get plenty of close ups and distant shots so you can take in everything the straight boys have on offer. The men tend to be younger, in their twenties, but there are some over 30 guys too. There are many straightforward amateurs, some Latinos and some ethnic. In all cases, the bods are on show and there is good variety in the models, even if the scenarios are always the same. One really nice touch, there is a small collection of choice images with each movie that open in Flash and which can be downloaded so you're well looked after there.

This site also gives you bonus content galore. You can click over to four other sites in the network and use your membership details to log in; you'll find straights doing gay for pay, amateurs and more ethnic guys here and each site works in the same way as Big Dick Search with videos, galleries and links back to the network. There is a page of feed sites too and these stream movies in clips and scenes and cover all imaginable niches.

Bottom Line:
You can either block out the girly chat or turn your volume down but she does kind of help the reality of the scenes. The guys certainly are well endowed, and there are some satisfying and horny solo jerk-off scenes here. The quality is good, you get what you are promised on the tour and there are loads of bonuses to keep you happy for a long time to come. This site is a great value for money and great fun. It makes you horny and is good to get off to. Leave your penis envy at the door and you'll have a great time.
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