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If you like cocks, (and who doesn't?) then you're in for some fun at Feed That Hole. They love to provide us bois with big cocks, black cocks, uncut cocks, cut cocks, anonymous cocks... any kind really as long as they are attached to fit, hung guys. And those guys love to get rough and get off so there's lots of hot action to look forward to and a generous helping of extra bits and pieces too.

Take some time to get to know your way around the site - it's not hard but you don't want to miss anything by skipping straight to the videos. There's a behind the scenes blog you can view and read to catch up on what's new and what actually goes in to making a porn site. You also get a flavour of the guys appearing on the site with new additions being listed, written about and photographed. All interesting stuff and with great pics too.

Talking of pics, check out the Models and Photos section to get to know the guys. Each one of the 11 listed came with some basic stats and a short description of what he likes to get up to. There were then easy links to the gallery in which he appears; thumbnails are shown to the left and the main pic appears to the right. No slideshow or anything fancy, simple navigation and good quality pics coming in at 608 x 480; and plenty of big, black, you-name-it it's there, cocks on show of course.

Over in the videos department the exclusive episodes are also easy to navigate through. There were 38 when I visited Feed That Hole, each one available to stream in two file sizes. Good performances, hot sex, good editing and clear images make these little gems worth viewing with the added attraction coming from some very cute guys and those big cocks. The movies run for a good length of time and there's plenty of the kind of hardcore action we like to see with the emphasis totally on blow jobbing and cum guzzling. In fact there's so much of the sticky white stuff flying around you'd be advised to bring an umbrella with you.

But if all that sounds rather run of the mill to you, you may be asking what's so special about this site? Well, it looks good with its sleek design, the action is just fine, the guys are sexy (and hung), the quality is good and the blog is simply excellent. You are also provided with wallpapers that you can download to your machine, eight bonus scenes which include great cum shots and some comedy out takes, (yes that kind of thing happens in porn movie making too) and to top it all off nicely there is a bonus DVD that you can download. The fact that this is a full length movie that retails at $39.99 more than makes up for your membership fee and the fact that the other movies only stream. Grab the offer while it's there.

And just to make sure you are completely satisfied with your package, as it were, you can click over to the partner site, Bareback That Hole for more exclusive videos and models this time with a bareback anal flavour.

Bottom Line:
Two sites for the price of one, sounds like a bargain to me, plus you get that free downloadable DVD and the great blog. Feed That Hole concentrates on hung guys with nuts full of jizz, the guys who love to suck them and then swallow what gushes out. Good quality, not a huge amount of content as yet, but plenty of bonus material to keep you satisfied.
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