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We all like to get something for nothing and at thug Vids you actually get a lot of things for, well, for almost nothing. Not only does the site have a good collection of black and Latino videos and photo sets featuring some very hot guys but your membership also comes with access to bonus sites, more general videos and pics, stories and a few other cool things too. But let's take a look at these delicious ethnic guys first...

There were 88 videos when I called in to the site and I tested a couple out for you straight away. The library contains some exclusive (as well as non-exclusive) movies so you really will be getting something new when you sign up. Some of these guys have never appeared on a website before, nor in front of a camera let alone in front of one jerking off or having gay sex, but you wouldn't know it from viewing them. The performances were natural and the guys were a turn on. You have a good variation of guys too with the only thing in common being the fact that they are black. Ok, so maybe they all have hung cocks and tight asses too but there are tall guys, bear cubs, slim guys, hairy ones and smooth. There is also a good mix of solo shows and action ones.

The only downside of the site will come if you are on a slow connection speed. But then again, if you don't mind waiting for your videos it won't be a problem. You see you can only download them at the moment. You are provided with a zip file to save to your hard drive and then you'll need to unzip it to find the movie file. When you do get them playing you'll find WMV movies that show at 640 x 480 and run at over 1Mbps - at least that's what I found, I was viewing one of the more recent and exclusive vids.

I also found around 60 photo sets featuring more Brazilian and black guys, more smooth cuties and more hung dudes. Images clicked up to a good size and navigating the galleries was fine with their numbered pages; though I did have to either back button to go back to the gallery index page I had been on or click the 'photos' link in the menu to go back to page one of the list. A minor inconvenience really. The standard of the pics at Thug Vids is as good as the standard of the movie making so I've got no complaints about the main content.

And none about the extras either as you get a whole host of goodies for your membership fee - and the main content, plus the bonus sites, are regularly updated too so once you've joined you won't need to go anywhere else. Your bonus sites are Twinks for Cash and He Likes It Big plus Wild Gay College Parties which all have their own exclusive content and themes. You can enter the Gay Key collection too where you will find many more genres and videos, galleries and sexy guys -though not all black of course. There are stories to be read, quick one minute clips to download if you want to get off in a hurry, a new clip per genre per day on the daily clips page and links to all kinds of interesting chat, live and dating sites. Like I said - you won't need to go anywhere else.

Bottom Line:
Yup! There's a good collection of black guy, hard-core and solo scenes here in easy to download videos and the more recent ones are exclusive to the Gay Key network. A network that also brings you bonus sites, free access to many more vids and pics and loads of excellent extras.
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  • SFViking

    May 28, 2010 - 17:40:03   |   See all My Comments

    Despite the reviewer's use of the term "exclusive" I doubt that any of the duo videos are original. (The solo videos could well be original; they're unfamiliar, skinny, albeit muscular, (mostly) black guys jacking off.) I recognize many of the duo videos from regular VHS/ DVDs.

    Many of the videos were very poor quality. If you play them in anything other than a 2"x3" window, they're so pixelated you're just watching a bunch of flesh-covered blocks moving around.

    The "bonus" sites the reviewer touts are no better in quality or novelty than the main site content.

    It is very hard to find inter-racial gay sites, but anything this site has along those lines isn't what you'll pay for it.

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