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To be honest with you I am suffering from perfect porn overload. I've just been checking out some of the sites associated with the Next Door Network and each one of them is as good as the one before. And when you sign up to, for example, Next Door Male, you get to access 21 sites in your bonus list. They are all, more or less, about hung and hunky jocks, your 'average' guy next door (I am obviously living in the wrong neighborhood), and they are all hard and hot, well made and great quality. Er, that's the movies, the photos, and the guys actually.

Next Door Male has 354 movies dating back to 2006; this is a company that knows what it is doing! It's all about the joy of a solo sex session here, just you and your chosen stud. You've got good viewing options, perfect quality productions and no hassles when you're ready for a download - either from the site or from your nuts, you can download to your heart's content here.

Earlier movies don't have the added HD versions that the more recent ones have, but still they are good quality visually and they play well. You can choose a lower quality Flash for slow connections or a higher one, or you can download in two qualities of file too. Movies run from around 20 minutes on average and come with sets of screen caps to show you the full progression of the 'story.' Though the story is usually simple, after a little set up and intro, some background visuals, the guy gets his kit off, explores his body and strokes his dick 'till it shoots. Standard stuff maybe, I mean you don't have a lot of choice with solo movies do you? But they are made more fun by the way the models are varied. There are also different locations used, and the men themselves are varied: mainly smooth and jock-like (for twinks click to the Next Door Twinks site), but also there are guys with tattoos, redheads, all are either hung or adequate, bubble butts and brawn, you name it as long as it's easy on the eye, has a meaty cock and knows how to stroke it, he will be in here.

On top of your screen caps per movie, which are decent enough quality, you've got photo sets too. In fact there were 348 when I called in, and you can treat this as a kind of model index if you want. You get a nice, clear image of each guy and a link to his photo set or to his video. The oldest images I found here clicked up to 693 x 519 in size and were a bit 'screen-cappy' but the more recent ones were much clearer, though not necessarily bigger; and there were often less per set. That's probably because the screen caps in the movie area are just as adequate these days, coming from a high definition camera.

Anyway, good photo content, great video content, perfect models, loads of solo scenes to join in with and easy navigation. Is here anything else I can rave about here? Well, yes actually. Apart from the 20 or so bonus sites where you've got even more horny guys and hardcore sex, you've got access to the Next Door Live Shows and these really are included in your membership, no need to pay extra. There's even a countdown so you can see when you've got to be online so you're not going to miss a thing. Just another perfect addition to a perfect membership site.

Bottom Line:
Next Door Male brings to you cream of the crop as far as solo jocks and hunks go. You've got lots of exclusive scenes and galleries, a live show is included and you've got over 20 bonus sites that are also just as easy to use, well presented and good quality. Hats off to this site and its network.
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There are 7 comments on this review

  • thulun

    November 28, 2012 - 19:28:17   |   See all My Comments

    don't fall into this trap.

  • pumachuck1

    November 08, 2011 - 19:34:50   |   See all My Comments

    maybe a few of these guys are straight, but they are not the next door type. this site needs fresh amateurs not the guys here who fuck or are fucked by other guys, give or get head on next door buddies.they think that if they don't show their butthole they appear straight

  • TopDownLB

    October 11, 2010 - 08:37:56   |   See all My Comments

    This site advertises as "100% Straight Guys" and "There are a couple things that all of our men share in common though. First, they are all straight, heterosexual men". Is there something wrong with being a bent, homosexual man? It's like they're saying "None of those swishy queens on this site - but we want all you swishy queens to sign up."

    Secondly, most of the guys on this site can also be found on NextDoorBuddies, where there's lots and lots of bent, swishy-queen homosexual sex. So I hate to say but (you know that chorus, sing along if you like)..... YOU AIN'T STRAIGHT!!!!

  • Uromar

    October 08, 2009 - 20:14:31   |   See all My Comments

    285 videos shoots, a lot pictures (280 galleries) and a good exclusive collection for a good price. Yes, a good price because I found a 33% off promocode: REDUC33 (30 days for $19.95). And a lot of bonus...

  • cantthink949

    June 05, 2007 - 01:01:19   |   See all My Comments

    I have been messing around on a few other sites that play into my fetishes, but the next door male chain has really pleased me. I payed about $30 to have 30 days access to like 5 different sites, while i payed $50 dollars for 1 site that had basically the same concept but the videos are worse. This is a great site to be a member of, it is cheap and you get a lot out of it!


  • codixx

    May 09, 2007 - 10:17:12   |   See all My Comments

    This site has a great archive of some very hot and fresh looking "next door types", however, lately the producers seem to be letting the quality of the site slip. The current males on review do not fit the "young, fresh, and sexy" image that has made this site so popular in the beginning. Models have that " how much am I getting paid for this" look about them, and some of the recent photo shoots have that " thrown together in a hurry" look. I still feel the site is worth visiting for a free tour, but unless the quality of the site improves, not worth paying to see.

  • natedogg323

    April 25, 2007 - 21:05:26   |   See all My Comments

    Like a lot of guys out there, I'm turned on by more than gay porn. Every now and then I like to see a girl get pounded, or a solo sceen. Next Door Male offers all that and more. When you join "Next Door Male" you get access to ALL of the "Next Door" series of websites. Trust me, It is well worth the money to do so. It doesn't hurt that the guys are super hot, for the most part. If you like the Boy next door type, jocks or pretty boys then this is your site. My only complaint is, the site that contains straight sex. The girls don't make a lot of noise. All the scenes I've watched the girls seem to just be going through the motions which for me is a turn off. Other than that I would recommend the site to anyone.

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