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Since Dean Coxx won the 2006 GAYVN 'best amateur video' award he has gone from strength to strength, as they say, and now has built up not only a big following but a cool website too. Club Dean isn't just about him though, it is about you. As a member you can make personal contact with Dean and he will help you with your fitness programme, for example. Just take a few moments to look at the tour and you'll get the feeling that he is a really personably hunk who cares what you think.

So, feeling all loved up and valued, it's time to check the restricted area and see exactly what members get.

Well, to start with you get an interesting design. Similar to the tour pages, the members' area now features a scrolling frame and quite a large one at that. In here you find the videos, photos, wallpapers and Dean's diary all illustrated with loads of good pics. Simply scrolling down the content in order I came to the Quicktime (7) formatted movies first. These had four categories including castings and straight sex, but I wanted to see the man on man action and wasn't disappointed. The quality is there, the sound is fine and the picture is clear; the files come in two sizes and therefore two sizes of viewer, the smaller one though was only just big enough for me. I couldn't get the files to download but they streamed nicely enough and I certainly got an eye full of hunky Dean and his equally hunky fuck buddies. The movies I viewed ran for a good length of time - up to thirty minutes and buffering/streaming was reasonably smooth even on a medium connection speed.

The 32 galleries are a great complement to the small but hot collection of videos. They come in well laid out thumbnail pages with a short intro and sensible navigation buttons but I can't tell you the image dimensions, (big enough) as right clicking is disabled so you can't save and keep them. That's a bit of a shame as Dean has gone so far to give his fans a great site and a good experience but then doesn't let you collect pics of his smooth, toned and fuckable bod, complete with shaved cock and balls; dreamy! You can, though, save the wallpapers which are more soft-core and like advertisements so at least you can keep a picture of his face and clothed body. The other feature worth checking out is the diary as this is where you will find the personal and professional news; he seems to keep it right up to date and there are loads of pics and links to cool stuff in there too.

That appears to be the protected, members' content and the other links and buttons outside of that scrolling frame bring you to the public pages. Here you can read about his fitness regime, see his pricelist, (yours for a night for $2.5K) and before long you will be able to click over to his personal store too.

Bottom Line:
Mr. Coxx has put together one of the better bodybuilder fan sites in my opinion as you are treated to a bit of everything. There is enough hot gay (and straight) sex mixed with general and personal information, images and movies. You will need to remain a member to enjoy the vids and pics as you can't download anything hard-core but with the up to date and regular diary plus new additions to the site, you will want to hang around and see what this smooth and cute - though big and butch - Adonis gets up to.
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There are 3 comments on this review

  • wizbang

    November 06, 2012 - 18:39:10   |   See all My Comments

    The site content is ok, not great. A lot of the content seems very amateur like (Dean doesn't seem to know what to do) Had a few very hot models, but the direction is inadequate and the models (some of them very popular) seem like they would be rolling their eyes if they weren't on camera. Updates when I had joined the site didn't occur at all during my month of membership.

  • jhonen32629

    March 02, 2011 - 18:10:45   |   See all My Comments

    Thanks to the other reviewer for letting us know that this site allows you to download WITHOUT DRM used, I decided to join the site. I've enjoyed jacking off to Dean Coxx's stuff when he was with Straight College Men (SCM). When I found out he had his own site with his own material, I just watched it from afar, not joining because they used DRM. But now that I know they don't use DRM, I am enjoying his site to the fullest, knowing that I can keep the videos I've downloaded forever. Dean Coxx is hotter than ever, and so are the guys he fools around with. I recommend joining this site.

  • clubdean

    December 08, 2007 - 16:52:50   |   See all My Comments

    After following Dean from his old website I was a little worried his customer service would be similar to the other site. What a GREAT surprise when I was actually able to directly contact Dean himself. Dean does everything for his members. You can email or call him directly and give him suggestions on shoot ideas or whatever. I love his diary and I think that is worth the price of admission itself!! You can find out what he does in his personal life and he includes pictures and stories about everything. Then the videos are so hot!!! He continues to push his limits and somehow is able to make you laugh all at the same time.

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