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My first impression of Tight Gay Holes, from the tour page, was that these guys looked too good to be real. The images were high definition and yet fast loading and each featured hunk was perfect. Too perfect to be true? We'll just have to see.

Tight Gay Holes is the first gay site from a company that, until now, had specialised in only straight porn. Indeed, you can access all their straight sites with your membership. They have a message on the home page (members' area) to this effect and that's a nice and honest message to read. Although I am not sure I agree with their claim that the gay niche is a 'rather unexplored field of sex'. Anyway, what content will you find in this new and high definition site and is it worth viewing?

For a start the content is exclusive so you won't have seen these videos before. Secondly the videos contain a mixture of twinks, hunks and studs and all the guys appear to have come from a similar mould: they are mainly smooth, hung, there's a prevalence of tattoos and they all look like professional porn stars. There were 18 movies when I called into the site and they all featured two or more of these perfect bods in action. There was bareback anal as promised on the tour as well as oral, spit-roasting and all stops in between. Each title came with its upload date, good sized thumbnails to show you the kind of action involved and then links to the vids and pics.

The individual video's page kind of hits you with so many choices you don't now where to start. But, after taking stock, it's easy to get to the viewing. You can basically stream in three qualities and download in two. To give you an idea of quality, the medium stream ran at 607 kbps in a 400 x 300 screen that was perfectly watchable at full size. The high quality, clip download files were 33 Mbs each as the scene comes in clips as well as a full version. The thing that confused me at first was the fact that some of the clips had '4 days left' written across them and I couldn't access them. I looked at the excellent help links that appear on each video page (no chance of not being able to view them with this assistance,) and then I smacked myself on the head doh! That's how many day you must wait until that clip is released!

Red in the face I went to view some picture galleries. These are crammed with great digital, high resolution shots that open to 850 x 1280 in size. Each gallery contains posed and action shots and each individual pic opens in a new window. You can navigate easily around the galleries and they won't disappoint you in any way.

Thoroughly happy with the bareback, stud on stud content at Tight Gay Holes I went to see what else the site has to offer. The best extra is the model index. Here you can scroll through the list of guys, each with great face and body shots, stopping to link directly to the content they appear in when you find one you want to view. It's a neat way of finding videos by hunk rather than title. The rest of the bonus material related to the straight content so, shush, say no more and move on...�

Bottom Line:
It may only have 18 exclusive videos so far but as long as they keep up the update promise this site could fast become one of the top hunk and studs, bareback gay sex sites around. The quality is excellent, the design and navigation is great, the guys are perfect (not too perfect to be true though) and the whole thing is well worth the sign up fee in my opinion. Some more exclusives and maybe some gay bonus material would help boost my rating of it but that's all that's missing.
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