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  • Updated: 2010-04-19
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Bonerama hits your eyes like a well packed glossy catalogue, which is basically what it is. There are some cute and silly pink penises dancing across the top which made me smile and also a drop down menu where you can view the site in four different languages. There are loads of different genre DVDs to buy here so it's simply a question of hunting around to see what's on offer.

Read the text into before you get too excited because there are a few restrictions. If you live in certain states in the USA they can't deliver, if you want a (plain cover) delivery to somewhere other than your card address you have to inform your bank of that address. 'Hello, I'm having Euro Pissing Boys delivered to my grandmother at...' message here: check the terms and conditions so you won't be disappointed.

But back to the collection. All the genres are listed to one side starting with New Releases and finally ending, after a hefty scroll down, at Watersports. The studios are also in this list so if you have a favourite one you can see what they have available on the site. Or just choose 'Just Teens' for example and see what you get. Whatever you decide to browse first you'll find the content page easy to view. There's the DVD front cover, a quick summary of any storyline involved, the retail price and any discounts. You select your quantity and click 'buy now'. Hang on, what about other details to help you decide? Click the cover, or the 'other details' link beneath the box and you get what you are looking for: more description, the run time, director, cast list and weight. No news about the DVD format or region though. You can e-mail the page to a friend (or an enemy if you know they would hate to get a picture of two guys fucking) and there are some photos from the movie too.

That's basically how the site works and it's that simple. All there is left to do is browse and decide what you want to buy. I used the search engine and entered a star's name. One video appeared and this one had a huge description (by the time I finished reading it I felt like I'd seen the movie) but no other info apart from price and weight. I did notice a 'watch now' button flashing at me and it took me to Bonerama TV, a pay per view theatre. So if you are impatient or want to sample a movie before you order one you can go there and do just that ...� as long as it has a link of course. Actually the link didn't take me directly to that movie so I had to do another search when I was in the pay per view theatre, but that's another story.

If you want to treat someone, presumably a friend, to a DVD but don't know what they would like you can buy and send them a gift certificate, that's a nice idea. Movies cost around $39.95 to $49.95 and there are some higher priced packs of four titles together and other offers but you'll have to search to find them

Bottom Line:
There's a good collection here as far as I could tell and you get plenty of information about each one. The only things I felt were missing were pages that had special offers, or DVDs arranged by price like I've seen on other sites. It's good to see images from the flicks and to have the ability to rate it once you've seen it. Some guys had even written a short review to help others or warn them not to buy something if they found it not terribly good. Those little features add something to what is otherwise a basic, standard buy-a-DVD site.
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