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Spy on Dudes is a simple site with a simple theme: Real guys are caught on spy cams, the results are then put up on the site for you to watch on line or download. We're told that these are real videos and that the guys in them didn't know they were being filmed.

In the members' area when I was there, there were twenty seven videos; these were available to stream or download in either Windows Media Player or Quicktime. There was also a message at the top of the page suggesting that you turn your firewall off if you have trouble viewing the 'feeds'. I didn't turn mine off and when I tried to stream I only got the download message so it looks like you will have to check your firewall settings if you want to view on line. But downloading was easy and the file weren't too big or cumbersome to get. I tried three movies just to see what the quality would be like. After all, if these are real spy cams then we can't expect perfect quality can we?

Actually it wasn't too bad. The sound was clear enough and so was the image. The camera stayed in one place as you would expect and the guy being caught on it was always just in the right place. It's a bit annoying not to be able to see their faces but I guess that adds to the realism of the set up. One of the videos I saw involved two guys; one had obviously set the thing up and the other didn't have a clue. The second guy blew the first while the first gave us a thumbs up. The movie san for six minutes and was called 'rent'. The second one I viewed also ran for around six minutes and featured a solo guy, no face shot, who came into a stall to read a dirty magazine and then jacked off for a while. The third one was more rewarding; a guy is asleep, or passed out, another guy creeps in with a night vision camera and gets the sleeping guy's cock out, jerks him and blows him. It's all realistic and the blowing guy's face is fuzzed out which make the whole thing look even more 'naughty' and real. This movie ran for over twelve minutes.

So, you have twenty seven of these kind of things to enjoy once you sign up for the site and that's about it, at the moment at any rate. It's quite a new site and the monthly cost reflects the fact that there is not a huge amount of content as yet. There's no information on when anything new may be added either but I hope it is. With more content this site could really grow into something special. I've seen other 'voyeur' material before but nothing as convincing as what we have here. Whether it's a set up with actors or the real deal, or a mixture of both, it doesn't matter, what matters is that it works. I was convinced and a little turned on by what I saw and you will be too, especially if you like voyeur sites and hidden cams.

Bottom Line:
Small but hopefully growing. Spy on Dudes does just that, it gives you videos of varying lengths that come from hidden cameras that spy on unsuspecting duds in the shower, the toilet or in bed. Although they are hidden cams the quality is acceptable and the site works, it does its job. There is some good voyeur content here and I only wish there was more.
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  • larry459714

    January 01, 2008 - 23:26:38   |   See all My Comments

    I first visited this site several months ago and was disappointed in the amount of content for the price the site was charging; and so I emailed the site and let them know my disappointments. The webmaster promptly emailed me back stating that the site was new and to please be patient as content is being provided frequently.

    Months later, 1/1/2008 I revisited the site. Mostly due to the fact that I kept seeing clips from spyondudes.com on other sites.

    This site is amazing and is a must for the person who is truly into voyeurism. As the webmaster promised there is much more content, over 90 clips in all currently and all with download options either windows media or quicktime. Downloads are fast and the clips are clear. There is now a trial period payment option that does not automatically renew (love that).

    So this time I emailed the webmaster to express how much I was impressed with the website. Again promptly I received a response thanking me for my comments and that he remembered me from my previous comment.

    These men are hot. The scenes are not your typical boring on the toilet or bed jackoff scenes. Everyone seems to have a different twist to it which makes it believable.
    I would highly recommend this site, especially because of the trial membership. If for some reason you dont like it, your only out a couple bucks; but believe me you will like this site.

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