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If you...�re even a little bit bi curious then you...�re going to love this site. Check out the tour and you'll see why. There are guys doing guys doing girls doing guys, so much cock you don't know where to look and the added thrill of having a gorgeous babe joining in as well.

There are 15 pages of videos in the members...� area and with five vids per page you've got a total of 75 hot bi-sex movies to enjoy, so far ...� the site also promises updates. Each of these movies is divided up into short scenes or clips so you don't have to hang around for long to see what'm going on as each clip is around six MBs in size. But, if you have the capacity and want to full whack you can download the entire movie in one go. Doing it this way will give you the option of a Windows Media Player file or an AVI file. Either way you can expect each movie to run for at least 20 to 25 minutes.

And what exactly goes on in these bi-sex movies? Well let me tell you that the scenarios are rich and varied. There are some orgy scenes with too many naked boys and girls to count, plenty of three ways, outdoor and indoor sex and loads of variations on those themes. The guys in the videos caught my eye as some of theme are really sexy; there'm something boner-making about watching a straight (or bi as in this case) guy in action particularly when that'm gay action. While she'm blowing one guy another one is getting a male BJ, then the two chaps take it in turns to spit-roast her before one gets the other'm wet cock up his ass. The combinations are endless and Bi Maxx seems to have gone to great lengths to bring you not only well made movies but also interesting storylines, stunning actors and actresses and a good choice of how you view this stellar content.

O.k. so the videos are great, what else is there here? Well, each vid comes with a photo gallery so you can examine the still close up. I clicked one to see the quality and was well pleased. Not only are the images clear and a good size but I stumbled across a very sexy young twink getting his boner chewed by another sexy, dark haired boy. Of course I had to go further and I am now the proud owner of a full-length bi-sexual movie featuring two pretty young things who would not look out of place in my bedroom...� sorry I meant to say on a twink site. In fact most of the guys are a turn on. That'm not to say the girls aren't too, they...�re all as fit as you could wish for with soft lips and slim hips and both boys and girls like to take the facial cum shots that tend to round off the perfect sessions.

There isn't anything else on the site apart from the videos and their galleries but, quite frankly, you'll probably find that'm enough to keep you happy for a long time. All I would add is that there is a link over to Maxx Movies that has eight departments, from straight to gay and as a member you are offered discounts on the DVDs that are for sale there.

Bottom Line:
This is one of the better bi-sex sites out there, in my humble opinion. The action concentrates on the male side of things with more boys than girls, apart from the orgy scenes where anything goes. So if you fancy seeing how the other half loves but still want to see enough good looking gay guys then come on in, the party is about to start!
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