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I am just checking through my list of 'plus points' while looking at the home page for the members' area of Bang Bang Boys... Update news? Recent, that's good. Any names I recognize? Giovanni has done a hot scene at the beach, there's a recent upload from Hot Desert Knights and one from SexGaymes to view, new stud Marcello Mastro from Brazil is featured and we want to see more of him, the menu is clear and easy to use, there is lots of information... and the ticking of 'plus points' goes on. I like Bang Bang Boys, I always have, and I love the company who provide it for us as they have other great sites under their bulging belt, and they sure know what they are doing when it comes to making great porn.

So what's it all about? Well, it's about hot porn, and sex, and erotica that features well put together, horny, hung and masterful men in solos and hardcore scenes that are exclusive to the company. There are 147 of these studs in the model index, which is a neat way to start exploring the site. You get a good face and body pic to guide you and you see instantly how varied and yet consistently hot these guys are. You will also see, from flicking eagerly through the model index, that you're able to set up your own favorites area, commenting on and rating the boys as you go - so this is a site to get involved with. The guys come with some basic stats, a little intro and links to their videos and gallery appearances, making navigation very simple.

And clicking to a video, in this case hunky but smooth Mario, a 24 year old straight Latino, I found a Flash stream and a WMV download (640 x 480 @ 7400kbps is about the standard resolution). Then, clicking to the videos' main pages I find 215 movies, full length scenes that is, to stream or keep. Where to start? That's going to be your main problem, and probably your only one. A solo with Fleshlight and toy play? A studly couple making out with their manly and large dicks, or a threesome with a shaved guy and two bears? Try using the sort functions and go for the top rated, or most recently added. I did and found a very horny duo top of the list, there were stats and info, screen caps to sample and the standard viewing options, all laid out nice and clearly on the one page.

The 349 galleries were just as fabby to view - the same quality of studs, the same ease of navigation and access, and good sized, well taken digital shots that ran in slideshows. You've got hours of hot viewing ahead of you with Bang Bang Boys, updates are regular, it's an easy site to use and there are some interesting additions included.

For example, you can easily click into Men Live (included in your membership, no extra to pay here - yippee!), there is a schedule so you know when to tune in and there are over 300 recordings of past shows to watch. There are 48 DVDs to download and own and a link to content from Girls Bang Bang for straight nookie - go on, you know you're curious. And all this comes in at great quality, and for a standard monthly fee. Hard to believe really but it's true.

Bottom Line:
The bottom line here is that Bang Bang Boys is about horny and hard men of all ages, well put together and studly and they appear in exclusive movies and galleries that are easy to access, regularly updated and great quality. There are some neat extras to add even more value for money, and this is a site that everyone should join at least once in their lives.
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  • lambda

    August 28, 2010 - 23:41:50   |   See all My Comments

    "215 movies to stream or keep." For as long as you continue to pay 29.95 a month (left out of the JUB review). Beware of the Pre-checked option to join Circle Jerk Boys for only an additional 30.00 a month (normally 29.95). Haven't been able to figure that one out yet. Also beware of any site, not just this one, that does not have a support link, or a FAQ or hardware/software requirements.

    The JUB review is as honest as the Bang Bang Boys site is to potential members.

  • pulsar

    January 01, 2008 - 12:36:19   |   See all My Comments

    Dozens of great models. Hundreds of super hot large format pix. And even though the site offers some streaming video service, this really doesn't make it pleasent experience. Please go back to DRM-free, downloadable videos - just like in the earlier days. Many, many Mac and Linux boys will appreciate.

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