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Male Stars
Male Stars
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I always say that if a Hollywood star had made a porn film then we would have seen it by now, so I am usually sceptical about sites that promise to expose all the stars. But here at Male Stars, although here may be similar promises, it is also clear that the site is about more than naked celebs. There are plenty of them, but there is also lots of news and gossip and good photos of all your favourite stars of stage, screen and sport.

You click in and there's a newsy home page with loads going on, almost too much to take in at first. But take a moment to settle and you will see all kinds of links and functions. There are some bonus items right across the top, then your main content arranged as Celebs, Athletes, Models, Singers, Soap, Flicks, Television and Updates. The updates tell you what's new and here had been 82 updates in the previous week, which is a pretty nifty schedule. The home page also has a feature where you can find the content that you saw on the tour. That's brilliant! So many times you sign up because of something you saw on a tour and then never find it; not so here. There is also a top list and news about what's new.

But I know what you want to know: do you see Justin Bieber naked? Does Zac Efron strip right down? Did we ever get to see Prince Harry's cock, really? Well, I can't answer all of those questions apart from to say, not quite, sadly not, and why would you want to? (Actually, you can see the royal todger if you squint at a photo or download the clip.) I think the point is that there are simply thousands of names, and lesser known 'celebs' on this site and there are some shots of some of them naked, from behind, from the front, taken from movies, or from the press. And there is going to be many of your favourite male celebs showing off something, even if it's only a bare chest.

The site helps you out with information such as how many topless shots, how many naked ones etc. and there's loads of other cool info on individual celeb pages. There are also search options so you can look around by name, and even quizzes where you try to match the cock to the star; so there must be loads of naked stars somewhere in this huge barn of a members' area. There's an area for latest nude video clips if you want to get right to the heart of the matter, and about the time of my visit I found David Duchonvy, Jude Law and Ben Afleck appearing naked, not all together but in the altogether. And on videos: there are all kinds of file types in use and various resolutions and qualities;

The site is also well thought out in terms of navigation with lots of the opening in a new tab, so you don't lose your place. There is masses of info and lots of search options, as well as the handy tabs and areas. You can use a 'see all features' option to bring up a kind of site map where the main areas are broken down into sub headings. So, for example, the TV section then has the names of the shows; and there's a top features part with things like celebrity sex tapes, and nude scenes. And aside from all these hot stars naked and not, there are areas with loads of hardcore feed sites with access to loads of hardcore scenes from various sites.

Bottom Line:
So, whether you want Channing Tatum topless or Chuck Norris nude, the chances are you're going to find what you want at Male Stars. I've seen many celeb sites but this one has probably got the most information, the most amount of names, and gives you the biggest chance of finding some celeb nudity you've not seen before.

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High Definition No
DRM Free Porn Yes
Downloadable Yes
Content Format Video clips and images together by Name or occupation
Live Shows No
Bonus Content Feed sites
Multiple Site Hub No
Content Updated Daily
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