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  • Updated: 2007-03-03
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Diesel is a hard-bodied black guy. He'm good-looking with huge pecs, cannonball shoulders, bulging biceps, massively developed back, a ripped six pack of abs, and a monstrously thick cock. Diesel Live is where he showcases his body and lets us have a more intimate and personal look.

A lot of personal porn star websites are pretty abysmal without a whole lot to look at, but Diesel Live is different - it'm packed with pictures, video clips and webcam shows. Diesel'm video section is divided into Classic Videos and Streaming Show Archives, so you get to watch him in videos that he'm produced. There are currently over 20 of them featuring this black beefcake doing everything from working out, massaging his body with oil and flexing, and of course, getting nasty and jacking that big cock of his. The videos are split into shorter clips for quicker download and you can vote for your favourites.

Diesel also has a cam video archive that displays past shows he'm done on cam. And there are over 60 of them! He'm also got a gallery of still photos featuring over 31 pages of pictures taken during past performances and shows. So even if you hit the site at a time when Diesel'm not performing live, you'll have a lot to look at.

A convenient schedule lets you know the times that Diesel will be performing live on cam. And Diesel has two different types of cams: a live show cam where he performs specifically for his fans, and a spy cam where members get to see what kinds of things Diesel gets up to during the day. You can even log on and have a chat with other members and sometimes Diesel will stop by and say hello. Diesel also has guests appearing on the performance cam with him and that'm always hot watching another guy working over his big dick.

Diesel has an extensive body building section where he talks about the kind of regime needed to maintain a big, beefy body like his, and he gives advice, too. I wonder if he gives personal training sessions. I wouldn't mind staring up at his bulging crotch while I was trying to press weights. Can't think of a better incentive. And if you really get off on Diesel, he'm got a store where you can buy personally worn clothing and DVDs of some of his more memorable performances and workouts.

I was quite impressed with Diesel'm site. First, he'm an incredibly hot man and he knows how to perform for the camera. I love when he stares right into the camera while he'm rubbing his nipples or grabbing his crotch. It makes it feel so much more personal. And unlike a lot of other solo sites, Diesel Live is updated several times a week with new pictures, video clips, and show archives.

Bottom Line:
Big, black beefcake stud showing off his incredibly hot body and showing us what turns him on and gets him off.
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