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It's always been one of my favorite sites, but since its recent re-vamp, I'd not had a chance to get back in and take a look at the all new Broke Straight Boys. This is one of, if not the, first site of its kind and since it started up it has been much copied but never equaled. So how does the new look fare? Are we in for more and better?

Well, there are some great promises: new boys, a new production team, more outdoor locations, improved pictures and, if possible, improved videos. Once inside, there is still a feel of the old look site about it, which is good to see retained, but there is also something... different. Something slightly more sleek and chic, something I can't quite put my finger on. But what I can definitely point out is that it looks good, it's easy to use, it works well and at the heart of it all are some totally load blowing straight boys.

And the fun continues... The promise is all about tricking horny straight guys into gay sex, and it always has been. The further they go the more they are paid. One of my all time favorite scenes is still the very first one, dated April 2006 with Alex and Chris. I've still got the copy I made back then. And, like back then, you can still stream and download in a choice of players and qualities. You get really well looked after technically and will have no trouble getting to view the videos. You may need to set aside a couple of months to do this (go for a long membership) as there are now over 530 scenes to view, and they all run for a good length of time. What is also impressive about this site is that a new update comes along more or less every two or three days. I mean, someone is working really hard out there, finding and filming horny straight (and straight looking) boys and getting them to do stuff for the cams.

And what 'stuff' do they do? Well, you need to listen to the chats to find out what they are and are not, at first, willing to do. Things usually start off calmly, like: will you strip for the camera? Yes, ok. Then how about the two of you jerk off, we will pay you more. Then sometimes there's a bit of uncertainty as one is asked to touch the other... some do, some don't, some go all the way, some let a gay guy suck them, others get fucked and do the fucking... you get the picture. It's totally believable and totally horny.

Ok, enough praise singing. Are there any downsides? Actually, I can't see any. You get various qualities of movies, clips and full length scenes, you get good descriptions, various players to run films in, good galleries, big and clear images, mobile versions in more recent episodes and perfect guys. And then...

Well then you have behind the scenes stuff to watch too, with videos and pictures to look at. You can get fully involved in the BSB forum, there are still five bonus sites to click into, a store, a message board and the exclusive live cams area. I mean, come on! What more could you want?

Bottom Line:
It was always good but yes, I agree with the majority of surfers and reviewers, the new Broke Straight Boys is perfect. There are still some of the old, reliable features and functions that we always liked about it, the choice of media players and the choice of hot guys for example, but there is also something new and sleek and streamlined about it. The color scheme and banners, the design, are all like old friends, and yet they appear new and fresh. But the best thing is that the boys are still being tricked and cajoled into gay sex. We all love seeing straight boys go gay for pay and there is no better place to see it than here.
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There are 19 comments on this review

  • InsanePath

    July 30, 2016 - 18:19:38   |   See all My Comments

    Loving the new hot guys lately.

  • mikex

    November 13, 2012 - 12:16:56   |   See all My Comments

    i will be glad to find models like on Mike18

  • mikex

    November 13, 2012 - 12:16:19   |   See all My Comments

    nice site but models so old

  • peterjub

    April 05, 2012 - 16:33:21   |   See all My Comments

    that's a good article and it is valuable

  • avery123

    December 17, 2011 - 16:23:15   |   See all My Comments

    The revamped BSB is much worse than the old one. If your not crazy about the model Jimmy you risk the wrath of the site owner Clay and members obssessed with him. Yes he's good looking and his attitude has even improved toward doing gay for pay sex. He claims he'll never bottom but when even more site members tire of him and he wants to keep making money he'll give in. The site takes models to various gay pride events etc. but it's always the same ones and nobody new. Of course how straight the guys are really are is certainly in question. The old site tried to get us to believe such effiminate models as Preston, Tyler, and Leon were straight but it just insulted our intelligence. The guys on the new version are at least believeably straight. But of course when they bottom for the 'first' time and barely flinch, if at all, the truth comes out. Spend your money elsewhere.

  • pumachuck1

    September 02, 2011 - 16:59:36   |   See all My Comments

    too many unattractive, nerdy and effeminate guys...large number of great bonus sites which make it worth the subscription

  • vcdeals443

    October 19, 2010 - 08:51:24   |   See all My Comments

    i like strong built especially with the tattoo's the picture are just ok ...some good some bad i like this new site i get my jollies

  • majax79

    August 07, 2010 - 05:54:27   |   See all My Comments

    It's kind of like straightcollegemen except these guys don't go far enough. I'd add bareback or water sports to make it interesting. The site has potential.

  • yama900

    November 07, 2009 - 02:59:14   |   See all My Comments

    I haven't been a member in a while but all the recent clips don't seem too different. By this I mean the "straight" boys don't really come off as being straight in my opinion. I would have to say that there are a lot better gay for pay websites that offer much more convincing straight guys. I definitely like some of the scenes but too many of the guys seem pretty flaming to me which I don't like.

  • Anton98

    October 30, 2009 - 15:28:11   |   See all My Comments

    I knew of this site a long time ago and I bought a subscription twice. The vids are hot but I think we're pass seeing limp dick twinkies fucking each other. The director is annoying. The best thing they have are the bonus sites.

  • bosnmj

    July 11, 2009 - 13:42:01   |   See all My Comments

    Don't get me wrong, seeing guys going at it is just fine.

    However, models like Tyler are in too many videos, and therefore, there is no chance that the bloke is actually broke anymore.

    Dustin is pretty much the same, but I don't care 'cause he's my fave. :)

    Nelson is weird. And creepy.

    lol @ perigrine's comment. However, true.

  • perigrine

    February 12, 2009 - 01:11:17   |   See all My Comments

    I will say that this site has the most "straightest" of the straight boys out there, but the cheezy set and the creepy guy offering the guys cash is just too underworld for me. Some of the scenes are genuinely hot. Good for a one time subscription.

  • ukbrit

    January 01, 2009 - 04:05:44   |   See all My Comments

    There are a lot of hot cute guys that seem to start on BSB then go on to show in the other sites controlled by BSB so the idea that they are all straight does go out the door. However I can understand if some if not most are gay for pay. But there is one guy his name is CJ now thats one hot guy would love to see him top for a change but what the hell I can always dream. Does anyone know anything about this guy??? stats, what hes doing now, is he still doing porn or gone on to a new studio etc???....

  • neonvisions

    July 14, 2008 - 03:20:37   |   See all My Comments

    boxers1050 I have been a member many times and haven't had any issues with billing or cancelling. I actually found it very easy to cancel. The few times I have emailed support they have answered my email within a couple hours and were always helpful. I love the site and the hot guys. I think there is quite a bit of truth to the site. I read online a couple weeks ago that my favorite Phoenix is actually wanted by the Florida police. In his first video Phoenix said he came from jail, was straight and needed money. Well I guess there was more truth to that than I thought.

  • Minnesota Guy

    March 26, 2008 - 01:07:13   |   See all My Comments

    This is an ok website. I am still a member, but with a package deal to some other websites. I get a little tired of the guy doing the "interviews" and the models pretending this is their "first time". I just can suspend my disbelief to get into the fantasy, but anyway that is me. There is some good material that is exclusive. As a stand alone site I would be disappointed, but you can find it bundled with access to other sites it is worth the price for a month or two. (I've bought videos that have offered less for the same price.) Certainly not a bad or ripoff site.

  • voyeurism26

    February 22, 2008 - 15:21:36   |   See all My Comments

    Times are changing. In my day you were either gay or straight but in today's world, young guys are experimenting all the time. Many of these guys are "gay for pay" and many of them do lead straight lifestyles and do have girlfriends. Personally I think they are bisexual....but who cares! The boys are hot and so is the action! and besides you get 3 other hot sites when you join BSB so the $29.96 monthly charge is well worth the investment and enjoyment!

  • DMode4Life

    February 04, 2008 - 02:50:36   |   See all My Comments

    I love Broke Straight Boys it is my favorite site. You can tell in a lot of the scenes that these are the guys first time with another guy. You can see them sweat and how nervous they are, it is really hot. I actually met one of the Broke Straight Boys and he was with his girlfriend, it is a crazy world lol.

  • cupboard

    June 22, 2007 - 08:43:12   |   See all My Comments

    Don't be mislead, this video is hot! The awkwardness juxtaposed with the cash buildup is exciting in itself, but the guys are pretty hot. So what if some of these seem to turn gay before our eyes? It's still good, good, twink porn.

  • JakeBequette

    April 30, 2007 - 01:58:42   |   See all My Comments

    These guys are hot and appear to be genuinly straight (most of them anyway). There's something hot about that, isn't there?

    The videos do seem tend to be just like the one before them, however, and there aren't that many videos to choose from (yet?). The price isn't too bad though.

    If you like seeing straight guys do gay things, this is a great site for you.

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