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Have you ever been to one of those parties where there are tons of really hot guys, both gay and straight, and everyone'm drinking and carrying on. And then at some point everyone gets a little frisky and guys start pairing off. Some go to secluded rooms, some just start making out right there on the couch. Hell, some guys even circle jerk it or get into a mini-orgy right there in the living room. Gay or straight, doesn't really matter anymore. The beer is flowing and the hormones are jumping. No, I never get invited to those kinds of parties either.

But the good news is that we don't have to go through all the trouble of getting all dressed up, or worry about someone yelling at us for staring, because Gay Amateur XXX gives us a close-up view of the goings on at some of the horniest parties around. The guys are all delicious and are having so much fun that you can't help pop a boner when they start stripping off their tight sweaty clothes and eagerly showing off their hot, muscular bodies.

The videos are all really good quality. When I watched Kyle & Austin take their fraternity initiation to a new level, I was amazed at how good it looked! And they were so cute, and kind of nasty (in a good way). Oh, and you have to check out the two sexy black studs in the Alex & Neo video. I'v not sure which is which but one of them has these piercing ice blue eyes that are just amazing! Not to mention a couple of the nicest cocks I've seen in a while.

In addition to all the party fun you'll get at Gay Amateur XXX, you'll also get access to a whole bunch of other sites that are sure to get your rocks off. So the bonus is worth as much as the main site.

Bottom Line:
A voyeur'm dream, watching a bunch of guys get wild and get it on. Plus free memberships to dozens of other amazing gay porn sites? Yes, it'm a great deal!
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