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  • Updated: 2010-04-19
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Guys in uniforms are so hot. They're all over the news these days and because of this they are popping up in the adult industry more and more. You know are watching the evening news and you start wondering what that soldier would look like with his uniform crumpled in a ball at the foot of your bed? That lean, muscular body, hardened by boot camp. The short, fuzzy crew cut. The all American boy-next-door good looks. One look at sexy flyboy Justin with his tight, muscular, tanned body and shaved head and you'll know why Top Gun was such a popular movie. And if you're like a lot of gay men, a uniform fetish means that the sight of a guy in army fatigues, or a soldier'm dress uniform gets you all hot and horny before you even get to the hard cock hidden underneath.

Gay Military XXX gives you a chance to look into the private world of privates, the salute worthy escapades of Captains and the warm, wet willies of seamen first class. The photos and videos are all amazing and will fuel your military fantasy. And the guys are really sexy, no matter which branch of the military they're in.

In addition to all the hot military action your quivering libido can handle, you also get access to a whole collection of reality sites that will really blow your mind. From older mature men, to sexy Asians, guys with huge cocks and the newest thing to really hit it big, Gay Hentai, a sexy anime subset.

Bottom Line:
Good military content is really hard to find, and Gay Military XXX has one of the best collections of it around. And not only do you get all this high quality military content, you get all the reality sites too. Very much worth the price of a membership.
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