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There's a little part of all us that likes to be bad from time to time. You know, cruise some rough type and follow him down a deserted alley, wondering if he'll let you get your knees dirty and greasy while you kneel down to suck his cock. Michael Julian, a fairly new gay porn site, caters to the good boy/bad boy struggle in all of us. In fact their slogan is "Fuck the boy next door, we like the one across the street." Sometimes GQ models and sometimes heavily tattooed guy and almost thug-like, Michael Julian presents an interesting and hot mix of guys. Some of these guys are beautiful; the kind of men you'd like to have on your arm at a big gay fundraiser so everyone can swoon over how lucky you are. And other of their models are the kind of guy that would spit between your cheeks, push your face into the pillow, and ram their big cock home while you whimper for mercy.

Each model gallery has both pictures and videos, but the pictures are sorted into two sections: Envy and Sin. The Envy galleries highlight the guys in more artistic settings. The pictures are softcore with mostly clothed, underwear, partially nude poses, or fully nude but with genitals conveniently out of the way. The Sin galleries are where the guys get nasty in solo jack off sessions.

Michael Julian doesn't make a big deal about whether the guys are straight or gay. And I like that. Sometimes they quip, "A big SHOUT OUT to all the girls out there who were nice enough to lend us their rock hard boyfriends". But mostly this site is about celebrating hot guys who like to show of their bodies and put on a little jack off show. I'm a gay man and I like to watch guys pound their pud. For that moment in time, they're all mine, and I don't care whether they like men or women.

The pictures and videos could be a little bigger. But they're well done and the videos, which are in Windows Media Player format, download very quickly. And members have the choice of watching clips or downloading the whole movie. And their free preview area provides a downloadable free clip of each model, so you get a little taste of what's inside.

And I'm not sure, but I think Michael Julian is a bit of a size queen. Most of the guys featured on the site fall into the well-endowed category. And a handful of them, well, let's just say if I were locked in a room with them for a few hours, I'd have trouble walking for a good week!

Bottom Line:
Michael Julian has a great mix of good looking, romantic types and bad boys that your mother warned you about. Guys in their twenties with a few in their early thirties.
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