I'm a dancer/entertainer at an exotic night club. I have a slow, provocative, and slutty dance style. I dance to metal and industrial. I'm pale, have long black hair, and wear a matching patent leather outfit. Arm sleeves, stockings, and a thong.

There's another dancer a Mexican guy, Arturo. He has a wild Latin dance with salsa moves and a lot of flips and athletic moves I can't do. He wears little Daisy dukes, cowboy boots, and a sleeveless flannel tied at he waist. His dances are way less sexy than mine, but the crowd always cheers way more for him when he dances. And it kind of turns me on that they like him more even though I'm being way sluttier.

So I came up with an idea for a choreographed goody vs baddy dance off where we dance back and forth with him one upping me each time. I start by crawling out on all fours and then to my knees and sort of grind my waist and rise up, and saunter around shaking my ass at guys, then his music cuts mine off and he comes out with a big pop, as I stand there jaw dropped. My music comes back on and I go overslept trying to try too hard, as he stands back with a smile on his face. I end with a spin bringing me right up to my face. He smiles and gently pushes me , as he proceeds to easily defeat me with dance. All I can do is stand back and pout while he finishes with a cartwheel flip right in front of me, and I fall to my butt writhing my hips and starting up at him I start scooting back towards the stage exit, he turns around to acknowledge the crowd. I sneak up behind him and still in full dance choreograph I put my hands in an axe handle and charge up to him, he ducks under it, I turn around and he gives me a punch to the face, I stand there gyrating with my eyes closed doing an "out on my feet dance" before he throws a wheel kick "knocking me out" as I fall to the floor in a heap, and the crowd pops big! He turns around a bows for them while I lay motionless behind him and the curtain drops.