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    Stories and experiences of chastity

    I’m keen to hear other guy’s views and experiences of chastity.

    Have you tried it or is it just the thought of it that turns you on?
    Are you locked right now?
    Are you locked 24/7?
    Is it your own doing or at someone elses request?
    Whats the longest you’ve been locked continuously?

    Chastity is one of my fetishes - along with BDSM (sub). On New Years Day a couple of years ago I vowed not to suppress my fetishes any more and bought my first chastity device. I never managed to wear it for a full 24 hours as it was uncomfortable and it got put away in a drawer.

    I bought a new device this year which is smaller and much more comfortable. The hubby took a bit of convincing (he’s not kinky) but he agreed to be my key holder and I’ve now been locked for 3 days.

    I enjoy the loss of control and feeling of the steel cage around my cock.

    Anyone else?
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    Re: Stories and experiences of chastity

    Sounds like it could be fun with a cool partner, but I've never tried it.

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