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    What is the best anal toy for first time user

    What do you guys use for first time anal toys while jerking

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    Re: What is the best anal toy for first time user

    Buy a vibrating dildo, one that's about the size of an average dick. There are TONS of anal toys out there, and anything will feel good, it just depends on your personal preference. Butt plugs are great because they are designed not to pop out (you may get annoyed having to constantly keep a dildo inserted unless you're sitting on it since your anus is designed to expel things) and stay put so you can walk around and move about without it popping out. Some guys wear them for long periods so they are ready for dick.
    A dildo with a suction cup base is a must have do you can fuck yourself as hard as you want hands free. It's almost better than a guy: it never goes soft, you can choose the length and thickness you want, it's never not in the mood to fuck you, it will always get along with you.
    Whenever possible get a toy that vibrates, and not all toys vibrate with the same strength, so shop around. Once you've felt strong vibrations against your prostate you will never forget it! I can cum without using my hands just from the vibrations: lay on my back, crank a toy up to full speed, and shove it. It can take a while, but I'll get rock hard and eventually cum like a fire hydrant.
    Make sure to get a toy that you can handle, a big dick looks tempting, but it will hurt unless you're trained. Always use lots of lube and never insert anything up your ass that could break or cut you.
    If you have a partner have him use a toy on you! I've yet to meet a guy that doesn't love fucking me with a dildo, and lots of guys will want you to fuck them with it too.

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