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    Man stink fetish

    Thinking back to where it started, it must have been senior year of college. And while this part of the story is unrelated, it will help to explain how I got myself into the situation.

    My best friend’s roommate, Drew, was just gorgeous. I had such a crush on him all throughout college. Never acted on it and I was so bashful around him because he was so hot. He was really popular and athletic but hung around with us regardless. He was from the middle-of-nowhere Oklahoma. Sort of a redneck with his drawling accent and attitude. He drove a massive pick-up truck that had no practical use for a college student. He played all sorts of sports in high school. In college he played some football - not for the schools’s major D1 team, but on the kind of “JV” team that we had going around the school. He did lots of other activities - it always seemed that he had equipment for almost every sport you can imagine. He was about 5’10” with short blond hair, a little bit curly, and bright blue eyes. Beautifully defined muscles all over his body. The slightest bit of hair on his chest and a bit thicker and darker treasure trail that led straight down into the gym shorts he seemed to be perpetually wearing. I loved it when Drew wore his glasses and looked like such a buff nerd. He was loud and boisterous at times, which didn’t really fit in with the rest of my group of friends, but he could tone it down and chill with us in the dorm plenty of nights.

    And his ass was fantastic. At that point in time, I didn’t really have an attraction to men’s asses. His was BIG and round and stuck out from underneath his shorts. A little tiny bit of hair at the top of his crack / lower back what was just adorable. I would occasionally see his bare ass when he was getting dressed after a shower. He would turn away towards the wall to get changed, but I would sneak a peak any chance I got. I loved it when he bent over to put on his underwear and got to see the tiniest bit of his ass crack as the cheeks briefly spread apart. It was a little darker in there due to the extra hair, but not a jungle.

    Midway through senior year, we switched up bedrooms in our 4-man suite and I ended up rooming with Drew (jackpot). He was a messy roommate but it was fun to have him around. We did some late night chats and he left me alone most of the day with football and other practices, workouts at the student gym, etc.

    I remember a time when he had just returned from a boxing class. He was talking to his mom on the phone as he walked into the room. He took his shirt off as soon as he stepped into our room and sat at his desk in only his gym shorts. His body was so sweaty it looked like he had oiled himself up.

    He put one hand behind his head and looking at his sopping wet armpit hair turned me on so much. It was the same dark blond color of his treasure trail. It curled very slightly at the ends, due to the slickness of the sweat. As he was sitting at his desk still talking on the phone, he put his foot up to rest on one of the desk drawers and from my vantage point, I could see right up his shorts. He was commando (as I think he often was), and I could see his enormous balls hanging out just slightly. They were magnificent. Probably egg-sized and seemingly hairless (it was hard to tell exactly). They looked like they hung pretty low in his sweaty, smooth ball sack.

    During the 5 minute duration of his phone call, while he was paying no attention to what I was doing, I stared at and lusted after those sweaty balls and pits. I think that was the moment that I really took on a bit of a fetish.

    Drew would often leave his dirty clothes on the floor until laundry day (which was about once a month). I remember being insanely horny maybe a day after the “sweaty balls” incident. I looked at his dirty clothes on the floor and I remember my heart beating almost out of my chest. I was beating off to porn on my laptop but I was realizing I had a nice big stash of jerk-off material right on the floor next to Drew’s desk. I went over and locked the door, then grabbed the pair of underwear closest to the top - the “freshest” ones - a pair of black briefs. Drew didn’t wear underwear often, but I assumed he typically did when he went to the gym. We had gone to the gym together that morning and I was pretty sure these would have been the pair he wore there.

    I don’t really know what came over me. I didn’t know anything about “jock sniffing” fetishes and had no other “piggish” tendencies sexually, but I was absolutely compelled to shove the briefs into my face and inhale. It was the front pouch that was right over my nose and the smell was like no other. Musky, damp, maybe a little hint of piss scent. The smell seemed to float all through my head and made my heart beat even harder. I pictured his giant sweaty balls resting in that pouch, and better yet resting right on my face. My cock could have smashed a coconut. I had never felt anything like it. The outer portions of the crotch of the briefs, the part that would rest between his balls and his legs, was an even more acrid stink. The smell was so good it inspired me to stick my fingers down between my own balls and thighs and sniff my fingers. That turned me on almost as much as the scent of Drew.

    I moved the briefs up a bit on my face to sniff the ass.


    A pungent, almost spicy odor. Not really shitty but a ripe sort of “stank” that was just somehow the epitome of masculinity. My hand was sliding lightly over my cock but when that man-ass stink hit me, I felt like I turned into an animal. I think I grunted and moaned audibly. I shoved my middle finger down underneath my balls and dabbed it a bit over my asshole. When I put my finger up to my nose, I couldn’t have stopped from cumming even if my grandmother had appeared right in front of me. I shot a huge load all over myself, hitting the underwear that was over my face like a gas mask. I remember just panting there on the futon, my mouth feeling dry and my cock still rock hard.

    I had stained his underwear with my own cum and couldn’t really just put them back in the pile. So I buried them at the bottom of my own underwear drawer. The next day I wore them to the gym, mixing my own sweat with Drew’s. There was something really hot about that to me. I wore them for two or three days in a row and sniffed them several more times, though after a while they were probably more full of my own stink than Drew’s. But it still turned me on like nothing else. At some point I washed them along with my own clothes and subtly snuck them back into his underwear drawer. He probably never even noticed they were gone.

    After that incident, I swiped his underwear and sweaty shirts and gym shorts fairly often. I loved burying my face into his pits, balls, and man ass stink. It never got old. Nothing else would turn my cock into a diamond like Drew’s stench. Although I must admit my own stink was a nice substitute. Nothing more intimate ever happened between us - I’m not sure I even would have wanted that. But that was the beginning of my man stink fetish.

    MORE TO COME if you all are interested. My next story is about my actual encounter with a stanky-ass trucker. Please give any feedback!

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    Re: Man stink fetish

    Really HOT story!

    I remember I sniffed a swimmer's briefs once. He was in the sauna after a swim. He had black briefs. I picked it up and sniffed it. It smelled so rank and manly! I never forgot about it, and from then on I developed a fetish for men's underwear and jockstraps!

    Nothing sexier than the rank smell of a man's cock and ass.

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