Gene Roddenberry, just like Irwin Allen, was a man with hundreds of stories he wanted to tell. But the Big Three television networks of the 1960's were touch customers to convince, especially if your stories involved a distant future filled with strange concepts and unconventional morals.

NBC, and it's parent corporation RCA, put Gene Roddenberry's team and the staff at DesiLu Productions through television hell with constant interference over the creative decisions directing Star Trek, only to drop the show after season three.

Yet Gene remained a master storyteller and a visionary - he couldn't resist bringing another story idea to television.

Unlike a TV series, a "made for TV", movie is a special (singular) event less prone to network interference. A TV movie would give Gene a chance to fully explore the concept of "suspended animation" and what would happen if an experiment that was suppose to last weeks ended up lasting centuries!

Genesis II from 1973: