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    HELP ID from very vague description

    Theres a film that I meant to look at but I cant remember it or the actors name
    I think I saw a gif from the film here or on tumblr, it was a post shower scene, one guy squirting baby poweder into the armpit of a guy who had just showered.
    Think the name of the film began with a U.. but im not certain

    The actor that I'm thinking of is minor, very minor, always supporting roles / the love interest
    In his 40s with wavy / curly, light/sandy brown hair, normally parted in the middle, cute smile, short face narrower eyes and lips, he's straight and married I think, american or canadian (face maybe a bit like matt dallas but broader and lighter hair and older, bit like aaron marino too but more curly lighter hair... )

    It's driving me insane! I've spent hours googling actors!

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    Re: HELP ID from very vague description

    Could you be thinking of Matt Keeslar in Urbania?

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