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    Boarding School Senior High Slave

    I swing open the door of my room and step inside.
    I drag my luggage behind me as I enter my dorm room for the first time.
    The room isn't very big, giving only enough space for two beds and a few small pieces of furniture.

    The left side of the room has clothes spread across the floor and the pale blue walls are covered in posters of athletes.
    I can already tell that my new roommate doesn't keep the dorm very clean.
    The top of his dresser is filled with clutter such as empty takeout containters, soda cans and sports trophies.

    The right side of the room looks very empty in contrast.
    There is only a bed in the corner with a small study desk against the wall.
    I walk over to the bed and drop my luggage on top of the mattress.

    I notice a sheet of paper was left on the pillow, so I reach down to pick it up.
    It is a letter from the school headmaster.


    On behalf of everyone at St Paul's, I welcome you to our school. I hope that during this school year as a senior student, you will find friendship in your fellow students and make great memories. Our staff will be pleased to meet you on your first day of class.

    In your dorm room closet, you will find your school uniform and text books. If you have any questions, please talk to your dorm parent. They will be happy to help you.

    Mr. Douglas
    St Paul's Headmaster

    I walk over to the closet and open the door.
    Inside the closet, there is a white dress shirt with a black tie hanging on a coat hanger.
    On another hanger, there is a pair of black dress pants.
    I'm not looking forward to wearing a uniform everyday after spending most of my life in public school.

    A month ago, my parents found a bottle of vodka hidden under my bed.
    I think most teenagers drink a little here and there, but my religious parents were convinced it would lead me down a bad path in life. Did they not realize that as an 18 year old, I needed to explore the world I was growing up in?
    Somebody told them about St Paul's, a high school that is known for turning troubled boys into disciplined young men.
    My parents registered me right away and told me to pack my bags.

    I take my school uniform out of the closet, then get undressed and try it on.
    I step in front of the mirror beside the closet to see how the uniform looks on me.
    As I look in the mirror, I run my fingers through my blonde hair, which hangs slightly passed my ears.
    The uniform is a little loose for my thin body, but doesn't look as bad on me as I had expected.

    I unzip my luggage and begin taking my things out.
    I put my laptop on the study desk and start to fill my dresser drawers.
    As I'm unpacking, I hear the door open.

    I turn around to see a muscular boy walk in wearing only a towel around his waist.
    His short brown hair is wet, letting water drip down his bare chest.

    "Hey, I'm Cody. You must be my new roommate." he says as he reaches out his hand.

    I put out my hand as well and he gives me a firm handshake.

    "Yes, I'm Tyler. Nice to meet you." I say while trying to look up at his face instead of down at his dripping wet body.

    My eyes follow a trail of hair that goes down his belly, wishing I could see where it ends.

    "Sorry, I have to leave right away. I'm meeting up with friends and I'm already running late." he says as he takes a pair of blue boxers out of his dresser drawer.

    "No problem, I've still gotta finish unpacking so that will keep me busy for the rest of the evening."

    Cody turns away from me and drops his towel, leaving his ass exposed.
    I feel my cock starting to grow inside my pants as he bends down to pull his boxers on.
    His ass is big and round, with a light amount of hair across his cheeks.

    Seeing the back side of his naked body makes me very curious to see what the front looks like.

    "Is today your first day?" he asks as he puts on some basketball shorts.

    I quickly sit down on my bed and put a pillow on my lap to hide my boner.

    "Yeah. I got into some trouble back home, so my parents took me out of my school and sent me here."

    He turns around, drying his wet hair with his towel.

    "You'd be surprised how many guys in this school have a similar story. But the main reason my parents chose St Paul's is because I have a better chance of getting a sports scholarship and getting into a good college. Do you play any sports?"

    "Not really, I'm not very good at sports."

    "Well maybe we can practice together sometime and I can help change that." he says while putting a white t-shirt on over his muscular chest.

    "Sure, that would be great."

    Cody picks up his backpack and puts it over his shoulder.

    "I gotta go now, but I'll catch you later. It was nice meeting you, Tyler."

    "Same here." I reply, still holding the pillow on my lap.

    As soon as the door closes, I sit down at my desk and open my laptop.
    I quickly connect to the dorm wifi before typing the name of my favorite gay porn site into the browser search bar.
    Seeing Cody strip naked right in front of me got me so horny that I can't resist the urge to jerk off.
    I can't believe I get to spend the next year sharing a room with a guy as hot as him.

    I start watching a video of two young jocks as I upzip my pants and pull them down.
    I lean back in my desk chair and begin stroking my cock.

    The bottom in the video moans as the top fucks him doggy style over a bench in a locker room.
    He forcefully pushes the bottom down against the bench and fucks his ass aggressively.

    I suddenly hear the door open.

    "I forgot my wa-" Cody stops when he sees what I'm doing.

    I quickly pull my pants up and close my laptop.

    "What the hell are you watching?"

    "Uh..." I struggle to think of what to tell him.

    I can still hear the sound of moaning.
    He grabs my laptop and pulls it open, showing the video of the two jocks fucking.

    "What the fuck... So you're gay?"

    I've never told anyone that I'm gay and this is not how I imagined I would come out.
    I put my hands over my face in embarrassment and beg him.

    "Please. Please don't tell anyone."

    Cody stays silent for a few seconds before giving me a smug smile.

    "Let's make a deal. From now on, you do whatever I say. Starting with cleaning the dorm room. I want it clean by the time I get back home tonight. If not, this would be a great story to share with my friends."

    "So if I clean the room, you'll keep this just between us?"

    "Not just cleaning. Anything I ask you to do, you do it or I'll tell everyone on campus how much you love dick. Understand?"

    I reluctantly nod my head in agreement.

    "And see that camera in the corner?"

    He points to a small camera placed in the corner of the ceiling.

    "I put that up for security so other guys in the building don't steal my shit, but now I think I can put it to better use. I'll be watching you through my phone, so you better not touch your cock again or you'll be sorry you did. I have to go, but I expect this room to be clean when I get back."

    He grabs his wallet off of his dresser and walks out the door.
    I slowly get out of my chair and start cleaning.
    I realize that him telling me what to do actually turns me on in an odd way.


    Later that evening, Cody comes back into the room.

    "Well done. I see you held up your end of the deal. It's looking good in here."

    I spent almost the entire time he was gone hanging up his clothes, throwing his garbage away and cleaning.
    He takes his shoes and socks off before laying down.
    He turns on the small TV that sits on a nightstand at the end of his bed.

    "Come over here and rub my feet." Cody demands.

    I sit on his bed next to his feet and start rubbing as he watches a basketball game.

    "So when did you realize you were gay?" Cody asks

    "I guess around middle school. But I have always kept it a secret. Not even my family or friends know. You're the first person I've told."

    "So one day you just realized you like dick?"

    "Not exactly. I was just never interested in girls and always had boys on my mind."

    "Well have you ever been with a girl?"

    "No." I reply quietly.

    "Only guys?"

    I silently look away as I continue rubbing his feet.

    "Wait. Are you a virgin?"

    I nod, feeling embarassed.

    "That sucks man. I thought it was easy for gay guys to get laid. Is it because you have a small dick or something?"

    "No!" I say defensively. "There is no problem with my size"

    Cody sits up on the bed.

    "Well I didn't get a good look at it when you were jerking off earlier. Whip it out and prove it.

    "I'm not doing that! I don't need to prove anything to you."

    "Our deal was that you would do anything that I tell you."

    I get up off of the bed and stand in front of him.
    I let out a sigh and close my eyes as I slowly start pulling down my pants.
    I can feel my face blushing as my half-hard cock slides out of the waistband of my underwear.

    "Well, I can see why you wouldn't want to show that off." He says with a laugh.

    "Fuck off..."

    I immediately bend down to pull my pants back up.
    Cody puts his foot down, holding my pants against the floor.

    "What's the hurry?" He says smuggly. "Aw, are you embarrassed?"

    I let go of my pants and stand up again.
    He stares down at my cock, giving it a good look.
    I can feel my dick growing as Cody laughs.

    "Well I guess yours is about average. But it's small compared to mine. Mine is 8 inches."

    I sit down on the bed, keeping my pants around my ankles.

    "Yeah, right." I say sacarsticly. "That's what every guy says."

    "No, I swear. Do you want me to show you?"

    I look at him with surprise, wondering if he is serious.

    "Okay." I say nervously.

    Cody stands up and drops his basketball shorts to the floor.

    My jaw drops slightly when I see his thick uncut cock right in front of me.
    The hair around it is trimmed short, with a heavy pair of shaved balls hanging below.

    "Okay... I believe you now." I say while staring at his dick.

    Cody notices my cock has become rock hard.

    "Looks like you're enjoying this. Want to touch it?"

    I look up at him, not knowing what to say.

    "It's fine. Go ahead." He tells me.

    I reach out my hand and wrap it around his soft cock.
    I can feel the weight of it in my hand as I slowly run my fingers down his thick shaft.

    "What do you think?" Cody asks.

    "Well you weren't lying. Your dick is way bigger than mine." I say as I slowly stroke him.

    "Suck on it." He demands.


    "You heard me. Start sucking."

    I'm too horny to argue, I immediately get on my knees.
    I open my mouth and put my lips around his cockhead.
    I begin sucking, trying to mimic the blowjobs I've seen in porn videos online.
    This is my first time sucking a dick, so I try to pretend like I know what I'm doing.

    I feel Cody's cock growing inside my mouth.
    I pull my lips off to take a breath and stroke him with my hand for a few seconds.
    I slide his hard dick back into my mouth and run my tongue along his shaft.

    "Go deeper. I want to feel my cock in your throat." he tells me.

    I move my mouth further down his shaft, but can only go so far.
    His cockhead pushes against the back of my throat, making me gag slightly.
    Cody puts his hand on the back of head and pushes his dick in deeper.
    My eyes start to water as he slides his cock into my throat.
    I gag but he holds my head down, stopping me from pulling away.
    He runs his fingers through my blonde hair before pulling on it, forcing my head to move up and down his shaft.

    As he aggressively fucks my mouth, I feel my cock leaking pre-cum.
    I reach down and start stroking myself.

    "Stop that!" Cody demands. "You aren't allowed to touch yourself unless I give you permission."

    I let go of my cock, wishing I could relieve my aching boner.
    After fucking my mouth for another minute or two, I hear him let out a quiet moan.
    Suddenly I feel his warm cum drip down my throat.
    He pushes my head off of his cock and pulls his shorts back up.
    He takes a $5 bill out of his wallet and tosses it onto the floor.

    "I'm thirsty. Go get me a coke from the vending machine down the hall."

    I go to pull my pants back up again.

    "Stop." Cody demands. "Do it dressed like that."

    All I'm wearing is my dress shirt and tie, naked from the waist down.

    "No way! What if someone sees me?"

    "Just tell them it's a dare."

    "Can I at least wait for my boner to go down?"

    "No. Just do it and quit arguing."

    I pick up the money off the floor and pull my shirt down over hard cock.
    I open the door and quickly run down the empty hallway.
    The thought of somebody seeing me exposed like this made my dick get even harder.
    I stop in front of the vending machine and slide the money in, then press the coke button.

    I feel my boner slip out from underneath my shirt, so I quickly cover it again.
    The coke drops down into the slot, so I take it out and run back down the hallway.
    I feel my heart racing as I close the door behind me.

    "Wow, you really will do anything I tell you, huh?" Cody laughs.

    I hand him the coke, which he opens then takes a sip.

    "So while you were gone, I thought of a new rule. You aren't allowed clothes inside our dorm room. If you are in here, I expect you to be completely naked at all times."

    He smiles as he sees the worried look on my face.

    "That being said... take your shirt off and give it to me."

    I loosen my tie and unbutton my shirt before handing my clothes over to him.
    He tosses my clothes onto the floor, next to the closet.

    "Great. Now I have a few homework assignments that are due tomorrow." he says as he takes a couple textbooks out of his backpack and sets them down on the study desk. "I'm going to bed now, but I expect the assignments to be done by the time I wake up in the morning."

    He turns off the bedroom light, leaving me in darkness expect for a small lamp on the desk.

    "Goodnight, bro." Cody says as he takes off his shirt and gets into bed.

    I sit my bare ass down on the desk chair and open his science text book.



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