Our Coke delivery man brought along a new 22 y.o. assistant with him the other day, and that hottie has taxed my brain since our meeting! KURT WILDE! Same perfect twink physique, chiseled handsome features, right down to the model hands, and bubble butt. "Kurt" was filling in for "Dick," whom he says is "bitch" and "has a stick up his ass." His relaxed manner and totally at ease persona evidenced a near-anal fixation (i.e. thumb up your ass, both thumbs up your ass, get your head out of your ass) with his older supervisor. I made mention of this, adding, "Wow, you're seemingly obsessed with anal insertions. I'm sure there is not much that would surprise me about you." To which he replied, "Oh, I've had my share of cock up my ass. It's not bad. You should try it some time before you knock it. I gave up girls for over 2 years after my girlfriend cheated on me with my cousin."

The fluidity, ease, and comfort he shared this facet of his life was uplifting for me, lol, and obviously made his supervisor a little uneasy. I laughed and said, "Well, each to his or her own. I'm gay, and I don't enjoy bottoming." To which he instantly replied, "Too bad I'm engaged [to a woman], I'd bottom for you, and show you some tricks on how to enjoy it."

I am 52; where are guys that are my age and so comfortable in his own skin? There was ONE nearby, but he didn't express an interest in me until I was heavily involved with my then-boyfriend. My GAWD! I was in love with that man since high school! When I did become available, he was involved with a new girlfriend, and he still wanted to "mess around." Sorry, but I am no one's side dish! I am the entree - the main course! Lol ... except for maybe Kurt. j/k (mostly).