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    Not able to relax schpinter for anal sex :(

    Hey guys,

    Had an (attemped) gay sex session today, for the first time. I was instantly aroused by the guy I was with and got an instant erection, so the mood was there.

    We attempted to do anal, me bottoming, but fingering first. It wasn't painful, just felt uncomfortable, but no pain (and I've had plenty of fingers up my bum - medically and sexually, colonoscopies, and toys, so I am no stranger). Used lube etc.

    Problem is, the guy I was with said I was just way too tight. I tried everything I knew to relax, used plenty of lube, arousal wasn't an issue, but a finger was a struggle let alone a dick!

    The ONLY thing that was different was I had stomach cramps after lunch today, and a feeling of trapped wind (I suffer IBS). But my actual anus/rectum were perfectly normal, and I don't get spasms in my anus/rectum. I don't know if this is a factor or not?

    Any idea, short of poppers, that could help? A vibrating toy may help relax my muscles down there as opposed to a dull finger?

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    Re: Not able to relax schpinter for anal sex :(

    Up in the Sticky section in this forum, there's a thread called "All About Ass" that has some old threads with answers to how to relax.

    You might start with this one:
    Relaxing When Bottoming
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    Re: Not able to relax schpinter for anal sex :(

    I insist on being fully clean inside and out before bottoming. Once im clean, i wear a little buttplug. It keeps me relaxed and ready physically and mentally.

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