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Thread: Aquatic Anxiety

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    Aquatic Anxiety

    Hey all!

    An idea for a new story popped into my head a few weeks back. Some of you might remember me from another story on here called Brad's Search. I'm far from finished on that story--in fact, I'm posting a new part to it later today. But, I wanted to start a new story with fresh new characters.

    So, without further ado, here goes!


    Part 1

    “Pool closes in ten minutes,” shouts the lifeguard through a megaphone.

    I hope my apartment’s cooled off by now. It’s no fun suffering in the Georgia heat with a broken air conditioner. That’s why I’ve been coming to the city pool after work: to cool off, relax, and let the work day wash away.

    The name’s Joey. I just moved back to Savannah a few weeks ago from Raleigh, North Carolina. It’s hotter and much more humid here. I had a job in construction back in Raleigh but got laid off and it was impossible trying to find another job. I have a few connections here in Savannah, and was lucky enough to land a new job, so I’m back home where I grew up. It’s only part time—I could use a bit more money, but I have no problem making ends meet. I crashed on a friend’s couch for a couple weeks until I got enough money to get my own place. It’s nothing too special, and like I already said, a broken air conditioner certainly isn’t helping the situation.

    The ten minutes is almost up, and I don’t want to get yelled at by the lifeguard, as cute as he is in his white polo shirt and red swim shorts, sitting high up on his stand, so I start wading to the edge of the pool to get out. I stick to the shallow end. Living right by the Atlantic Ocean you’d think I would know how to swim, but I never learned when I was younger. For the shallow end, you don’t need to know how to swim—you just need to know how to stand.

    I walk to the locker room and rinse off all the chlorinated water from my body. I always take a full shower when I first get here, so a quick rinse afterward is all I need. I finish up my shower, dry off, get dressed, and head home.

    Fortunately, the sky turned cloudy while I was at the pool, so at least it’s not blazing hot inside by the time I get home. It’s Friday, the end of the work week, and I do what I normally do—just hang out at home, by myself, with no boyfriend to speak of. I’ll get into that later. For now, it’s time to relax and crash for the night.

    * * * * *

    I sleep in and eventually wake up Saturday dripping with sweat. It didn’t cool off much during the night. I’ll have to go back to sleeping in the buff.

    It’s going to be hotter tomorrow, so I try getting my laundry and everything else done today. Lord knows I don’t want to be sweating my ass off cleaning up the place. It’s mid-afternoon by the time I get all my housework done, so I head back to the pool.

    I go to the locker room to change into my swimsuit. As soon as I round the corner, I see the same lifeguard from yesterday, except he’s in street clothes and sitting down, tying his shoes. He looks up at me. “What’s up?”

    As soon as he says this, a thought crosses my mind. “Hi, um, do I know you?”

    “Other than from seeing me around here? You might. What’s your name?”


    “Nice to meet you, Joey. I’m Steve.”

    I walk closer to him and set my stuff down. “Steve, huh? You from here?”

    “Yep, born and raised.”

    I tilt my head back in realization. “I think we went to high school together. Class of ’12?”

    He laughs. “That’s me. You said your name was Joey, right?”


    He slowly nods his head. “I remember you. You were the guy that always stayed after school in the weight room to buff up so you could lift more than the weight team.” I blush just thinking about it. That wasn’t the real reason I stayed after school. But he doesn’t have to know that. He goes on, “How’ve you been, man?”

    “Well, I got a job in Raleigh and moved away for a couple years but had to move back recently because I got laid off and couldn’t find other work.”

    “That sucks, man. You doing good back here in Georgia?”

    “Yeah, things have been fine. I’ve only been back a few weeks, but I can’t complain. How about you?”

    “Well, I thought about moving away, but I like it here too much. I make really good money lifeguarding and teaching swimming lessons, so I see no reason to leave, especially lately. We’re a bit understaffed, so I’ve been able to get lots of overtime.”


    “Yeah, why? You looking for a new job?”

    “Sure, something I could work part time. My construction job is part time and I could use the extra dough.”

    “I could probably swing something your way. I’ll check in with Kathy—she handles all the hiring. I think we’ve got a couple lifeguard positions open.”

    I tilt my head down. “Oh, well, about that…”

    “What’s wrong?”

    I look back up at him. “I, er, kinda don’t know how to swim.”

    “You kidding me? You, athletic, heavy lifter Joey, don’t know how to swim?” I blush and nod, and he continues, “Wow, man, I find that really hard to believe. Well, I’ll check in with Kathy anyway. I only know we have lifeguard spots open because I am one, but she might be looking to fill in some other spots. Who knows? She might even be able to put your weight-lifting skills to work.”

    I laugh. “Awesome, Steve, I really appreciate it.”

    “Think nothing of it, bud. Well, I’m outta here, but I’ll be back tonight lifeguarding for the youth swim meet. Gotta fill in for another guard who’s out on vacation.”

    “Ugh, I can imagine, all those screaming kids.”

    “Yeah, it’s the best form of birth control. But I’m not one to turn down extra work.”

    “I don’t blame you. Well, have a good rest of your day.”

    “You too, bud. See ya around.”

    With that, he rounds the corner and walks off. Now it’s just me, all alone in the locker room. May as well get changed and wade around in the shallow end like I usually do.


    To be continued...
    Brad's Search - just a little story I've been writing for a while!

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    Re: Aquatic Anxiety

    Nice start, hope to read more soon!

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    Re: Aquatic Anxiety

    Nice story so far. Hope it continues!!

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