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    My true first experience

    My name’s Jay and I live In California. I always love watching men fuck each other and I have lots of different sized dildos. I love to fuck my own ass. I also have a facing machine that's awesome, but I always wanted the real cock. Anyway, I was up in my cabin up In Big Bear Lake - luv to go there to get out of the city to relax and I can spend the whole weekend with my toys and stretching my ass open.

    I got to the cabin and seen a new person In a cabin close by. So, I went over said, ‘HI,’ and we chatted for a while. He seemed real cool. Then I went to the cabin and took all my toys and machine into the cabin then smoked a little, put some porn on and start pounding my ass. It felt great having the machine pound my ass while watching porn only to stop to put a bigger dido on every once In a while. After about 3 hours I had cum a few times and my ass needed a rest. I stopped and showered went outside and saw him next door.

    We started talking and I asked him If he would like to come over later and have a beer and kick back. He said, ‘Sure’. I went back to my cabin and had got a little horny while we were chatting. He was wearing shorts and I noticed his cock getting hard and It looked like a big one. I was wondering If he was gay; I was thinking maybe I will get fucked. A little later there was a knock at the door he was there still in the same shorts. I was in shorts too. He said, ‘I hope I didn’t come over too soon?’

    I said no he was fine. We sat down had a beer and I asked him If he smoked. He said yes so we started taking bong hits then he had some crystal we smoked that after an hour or so we were both feeling good. I was getting horny and so was he, his cock was getting hard. We started talking sex then he told me he liked men and sked If I was offended by that? I said hell no.

    then he asked If I’d ever been with a man before? I said no but have always thought about It. Then he told me he was a top. He asked me what I thought I was. I told him a bottom ‘because I love to fuck my ass. Then I got up and showed him my toys. He loved them, and I told him I was using them and thinking of him fuckIng me. I looked at his cock In his shorts It was huge. I could see the head at the bottom of his shorts.

    I told him that looks like a huge cock he has. Then he told me to take my clothes off. He said we are going to have some fun. I threw my clothes off - I was so horny my cock dripping precum. He looked at me and said no one’s ever fucked that ass of yours. I said no. He said, ‘Well now It’s going to get fucked!’

    I was nervous and said, ‘Please do; I’m all yours.’ We took a few more hits off the bong. I kept thinking of his cock. He said, ‘You keep looking at my shorts - you want to see my cock?’

    I said please; he then stood up and slid his shorts down. I just said, Holy shift! that's huge. How big Is that?’ He said 11Inches. I reached down ad grabbed It. He said, ‘You like It? Do you want It?’

    I nervously said, ‘Hell yes!’ He said, ‘Good cause It’s going to open that ass pussy of yours up.’ He told me sit back in the chair and spread my legs open. I did, and he said, ‘I love this shaved smooth pussy of yours’. Then he started licking my hole. Damn It felt so good. He told me not to touch my cock. That was hard to do he stopped got up and tied my hands to the back of the chair and said now you can’t touch your cock’ I was so excited; precum was flowing out of my cock. Then feeling his tongue licking me I felt I couldn't take much more before he made me cum. He then got up, his cock was huge and hard; he said, ‘You ready for your first cock, boy?

    I just shook my head and said, ‘Yes give It to me. Make me your fuck toy to use and breed’. Then he said you want me to breed you? I said yes and told him he could even piss In me If he liked. He smiled and said this Is going to be a long and fun evening! With that said, I felt the head of his cock pushing against my hole. I was so facing horny then I felt the head of his cock open me up and slide In. I just gasped for air and said, ‘Ohhhhhhh my god!’ He said, ‘You like that?’ I could hardly speak but said, ‘I love It!’ He pushed It In deeper and deeper my eyes rolled to the back of my head and cum shot out of my cock all over me.

    I couldn't speak. He then shoved his whole cock into me all the way to his balls. I was in heaven. He said he loved my smooth shaved hole and he was going to have fun facing It. Then he started pounding my ass his balls slapping against me. I just kept saying, ‘Fuck me! Use me?’

    Then after a while he said I’m going to breed you boy. II could feel myself getting ready to cum. I told him, ‘Breed my hole!’ I told him I was going to cum. He grabbed my cock and started stroking It then he shoved his cock as deep as he could and exploded deep in me and I came again he shot so much cum Into me I could feel It deep In me he told me at was the best ass he had ever had he sat there with his cock still In me I told him I loved It. He said we are not through that's just the beginning. We sat there with his cock still in me. Then I felt why he kept his cock In me he started peeling In my ass I could feel his pee shooting Into me. I was going crazy. We spent the rest of the evening into the next morning fucking. I was not sure how many times he made me cum or how many times he came in my ass, but I had cum dripping out of me for a while the next day. Hope you enjoyed my story as much as I had fun doing It.

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    Re: My true first experience

    That was HOT AF!!!

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