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    Boys Summer Camp

    I look out the window of the school bus as it turns on to a dirt road.
    We pass a wooden sign with the name “Camp Brotherhood”.
    My school thought it would be fun to organize a trip during the summer before we start our senior year.
    I go to an all boys school, which seems to be full of jocks who love to humiliate me.

    Last year, a boy named Dylan grabbed me by the shoulders as I was changing in the locker room.
    He pushed me out the door into a crowed hallway completely naked.
    Everyone in the hallway laughed at me as I knocked on the locker room door.
    I begged for someone to let me back inside while trying to cover my cock with my hands.

    I turn towards the back of the bus and see Dylan sitting there with his friends.
    I really hope he leaves me alone this summer.
    The bus pulls up to a large building that says “Dining Hall”.
    “Okay boys!” The bus driver yells. “Your summer at camp starts now! Grab your bags and go inside the Dining Hall to meet the Camp Director.”

    I pick up my blue sports bag and follow the other boys off of the bus and into the Dining Hall.
    Inside is full of lunch tables, reminding me of my school cafeteria.
    As the last of the students gather inside, a middle aged man with a beard stands up on a chair.
    “Welcome to Camp Brotherhood!” he says loudly. “My name is Mr. Johnson. I’m the Camp Director, and I am happy to answer any questions you may have. Please take a look at the bulletin board to see which cabin you'll be staying in. I hope you all have the best summer of your lives!”
    I walk over to the board to see a list of names.
    I find my name written in the list of boys staying in Cabin 3.
    “Fuck!” I swear under my breath as I see Dylan’s name beside mine.
    The last person I want to share a cabin with is him.
    I pick up my bag and make my way to Cabin 3.

    When I get inside the door, I see that all the bunks are taken except for one.
    As I walk towards it, Dylan steps in front of me and slams his bag onto the top bunk.
    “Sorry Justin,” he smiles. “You should have gotten here sooner. Guess you'll have to be on the bottom.”
    I roll my eyes as I drop my bag onto the bottom bunk before taking out my towel.
    After the long, hot bus ride, I decide to go take a shower.

    I step out of the cabin door and follow a sign directing me to the showers.
    I walk down a dirt path along the edge of the woods until I reach a small log cabin-like building.
    I walk inside and see a room with a white tile floor and an open shower area.
    Luckily no one else is around, so I strip my clothes off and step into the shower.
    As I wash my body with soap, I begin to feel a little aroused.
    My dick and balls get covered in bubbles as I wash them.
    I feel my cock getting thicker as my soapy hand runs along my shaft.
    I start stroking my dick, which is getting harder by the second.

    Suddenly I hear the door creak as it opens.
    I turn away to hide my hard cock from whoever has just walked inside.
    I look over my shoulder to see Dylan and his friend Alex come into the room holding towels.
    “Hey fag, out of here! We’re gonna shower and we don’t want you staring at our cocks.” Dylan yells.
    He takes off his clothes and wraps a towel around his waist before stepping into the shower area.
    “Why are you turned around? Trying to hide your tiny dick? It’s not like I haven’t seen it before.”
    He grabs me by the shoulder and turns me around to face him.
    He looks down as I try to cover my cock.
    He bursts out laughing.
    “Dude, you gotta come see this! Justin is in here with a fucking boner!”

    Alex walks in and points at my dick.
    “Oh my god, look how small it is! He probably got hard from us walking in on him naked. I knew he was fucking gay.”
    Dylan looks at me in the eyes with a smirk.
    “Wanna see what a real dick looks like?”
    He drops his towel to show a thick uncut cock hanging between his legs.
    “What do you think? You like looking at my cock, faggot?” he says as he grabs me by the hair and pulls my face down toward his dick.
    My face is only inches away from his cock.
    I try to look away but he pulls my head in closer.
    “Take a close look at it. This is what you’re going to be sucking on all summer. Now open wide, bitch. You’re going to do whatever I say. And if you don’t obey me, I will make you regret it.”

    I open my mouth as he slips his thick cock between my lips.
    “Suck on it!” he demands.
    I begin sucking on his cock head before he pushes it deeper into my mouth.
    He pulls me by the hair, holding my head still as he slides his dick into my throat.
    “That’s it, bitch. Deep throat my fat cock.”
    Alex strips naked and comes over to join in.
    “Mind if I give his mouth a try too?” He asks Dylan while slapping his cock against the side of my face.
    I take my mouth off his dick and start sucking on Alex's.
    His cock isn’t as big as his friend's, but is still much bigger than mine.
    I slide my mouth up and down his dick as I heard him quietly moan under his breath.
    “He's good at this!” Alex says. “Seems like he has done this before.”
    “Well by the end of the summer, he will be an expert.” Dylan smiles.

    “Fuck.” Alex moans. “I’m already getting close to cumming. Suck faster!”
    I obey and move my head faster along his cock.
    I suddenly feel his warm cum shoot in the back of my throat.
    Dylan put his hand on the back of my head, making me hold Alex’s dick inside my mouth.
    “Now be a good boy and swallow his load.”
    I gulp and feel the cum go down my throat before pulling my mouth off his cock.
    “That’s a good little bitch.” Dylan says. “Now turn this way and look up at me.”
    I look up at into Dylan’s eyes.
    I am kneeling in front of him as he begins stroking himself, with his cock in my face.

    Alex walks into the changing area and takes his phone out of his bag.
    He walks back over and begins taking photos.
    “Smile for the camera!” Alex laughs.
    Dylan moans as streams of cum shoot onto my face.
    I see the phone camera flash as cum drips down my cheek.
    “Meet us back here tomorrow morning, or everyone at camp will see these photos.”
    They both wrap towels around their waists and walk out the door.
    I sit on the shower floor, covered in cum, wondering what they will do to me tomorrow.

    Note From The Author:
    I hope you enjoyed the story! If you would like me to continue this storyline and start a series, please let me know. Also, I would love suggestions for future chapters or other stories.

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    Re: Boys Summer Camp

    Fuck that’s hot! Please continue!

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    Summer Camp Slave (Chapter 2)

    I didn’t see much of Dylan or Alex until later in the evening when everyone returned to their cabins.
    Dylan is laying down on the top bunk above me, playing games on his phone before bed.
    “I'm getting pretty tired.” He says to Alex who is laying in the bunk next to ours.
    “Me too, you guys ready to turn the lights out?” Alex asks the others in the cabin.
    The other boys agree as Dylan climbs down the ladder of our bunk.
    He slips off his pants and puts them in his bag before climbing back up the ladder in tight boxer briefs.
    I stare at his bulge passing by my face as he climbs up into his bunk.
    I open my bag to change into my sweat pants.
    I look inside and find a note saying “No underwear allowed! Only jockstraps! Wear one to the showers at 7AM and DO NOT be late! - Dylan”
    Inside my bag, I see a few pairs of jockstraps that Dylan must have snuck in there.
    I suddenly realized all of my underwear is missing, forcing me to either wear the jockstraps or no underwear at all.
    I pull on my sweatpants and get into bed as the lights are turned out for the night.


    The next morning, I slowly open my eyes and sit up in my bed.
    I suddenly realize I have to meet Dylan.
    I turn on my phone to check the time.
    “It’s 7:15! Fuck!” I whisper to myself as I reach for my towel and hurry out the door.
    I run down the path to the showers, assuming Dylan will be pissed off at me for being late.
    I walk through the door to the showers to see Dylan and Alex standing next to a row of lockers wearing only towels.
    “Lock the door behind you.”
    I turn the deadbolt lock on the door and turn around to see them looking back at me angrily.
    “I said 7AM!” Dylan yells. “You’re fucking 20 minutes late!”
    “I-I-I’m so sorry…” I stutter and stare at the ground.
    “You will be sorry once we are finished with you. Come here for your punishment.” He says.

    I slowly walk over to him as he sits down on the bench in the middle of the change room.
    “Bend over my lap.” He demands.
    I reluctantly obey.
    He grabs my waistband on the back of my sweat pants and pulls them down, exposing my jockstrap which shows my bare ass.
    “Next time, be on time!” he says before giving me a hard slap on my ass.
    I close my eyes tight as he spanks me 20 times, leaving my ass cheek sore and red.
    Alex grabs my pants and pulls them all the way off.
    He then comes up behind me and spreads my ass cheeks apart, admiring my virgin hole.
    “Mmm…” Alex smiles. “His hole looks so fucking tight.”
    I suddenly feel his fingers slide between my cheeks, making me gasp.
    “Get on all fours on the bench.” Dylan tells me as he pulls me off his lap.

    I obey and climb on top of the bench with my ass turned toward Alex.
    Dylan stands in front of me and drops his towel, letting his cock hang in my face.
    “Get to work bitch.” He says as Alex continues rubbing my hole.
    I take Dylan’s cock into my mouth and begin sucking.
    Alex’s fingertips slip inside me, making me let out a moan.
    He slowly slides his wet fingers in deeper in as Dylan’s cock also slides deeper into my mouth.
    He pulls his fingers out and I feel them replaced by the tip of his cock.

    He gently pushes his cock head in me as my moans of pain are muffled by Dylan’s dick in my throat.
    Dylan puts his hands on the back of my head and begins fucking my mouth fast.
    Alex puts his hands on my hips and starts fucking my virgin hole.
    He slowly fucks me harder as Dylan aggressively fucks my mouth.
    After a few minutes of being abused from both ends, I feel a hot stream of cum shoot down my throat which I immediately swallow.
    “That’s a good little bitch.” Dylan says quietly while Alex continues pounding my ass hard.
    I soon feel my insides fill with cum as he moans in pleasure.
    He slides his cock out of my hole and gives me hard slap on my red ass cheek.

    “That almost made up for you being late but I have one more punishment for you.” Dylan says as they both wrap towels around their waists.
    “Take off your jock strap and give it to me.” He demands.
    I slip off my jock and hand it over.
    He picks up my clothes and towel, then walks out the door.
    “Wait!” I yell as the door slams shut.
    I'm left naked in the change room, with nothing to wear on my way back to the cabin.
    I sit there on the bench, not knowing what to do.
    After sitting there naked for 10 minutes, I decide the best plan is to run back to my cabin and hope nobody sees me.
    I take a deep breath before stepping out the door and begin running with my hands hiding my cock.
    About halfway to my cabin, I run pass a group of my classmates walking down the path.
    “Nice ass, Justin!” one of them yells as they burst out laughing.
    I quickly run down the path towards my cabin and swing the door open.
    I hurry to my bed and throw the blanket over me to cover my naked body.
    As I lay down and slide my hand under my pillow, I feel a small piece of paper.
    I pull it out and read it.
    “Be ready to go for a walk tonight after the lights go out. I have a surprise for you, Dylan.”

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    Re: Boys Summer Camp

    I am enjoying this story. Please continue. The humiliation of Justin and the joy Dylan and Alex get from it is fascinating.

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    Part 3

    I lay in bed, not able to sleep.
    The cabin is dimly lit by the moonlight peaking through thin green curtains in the windows.
    I hear the sound of snoring coming from one of the bunks on the other side of the room.
    I feel my bed shake as Dylan climbs down the ladder and sees that I am awake.
    He motions for me to follow him and makes his way to the cabin door.
    We exit the cabin and make our way down the path towards the shower building.

    We walk into the change room and he sits on the bench.
    “Well Justin… I want to talk to you about something.” He begins. “And be honest with me. I don’t want any bullshit. I saw your dick getting hard while giving me head this morning. You actually enjoy sucking cock, don't you?”
    I blush and slightly nod my head.
    “Say it out loud!” he demands.
    I take a deep breath.
    “I knew you were a fag.” he laughs. “Well lucky for you, you'll be sucking cock all summer long. But I don’t want you enjoying it too much, so I have something for you.”
    Dylan unlocks a locker and takes out a black backpack.
    “I don’t want you jerking off, thinking about my cock in your mouth. For that reason, I ordered this to be delivered to the camp.”
    He reaches his hand into the backpack and pulls out a metal cock cage.
    “From now on, you will not cum without my permission. Now strip naked so I can put this on you.”
    I take a step back.
    “There is no fucking way am I putting that on!” I say loudly.
    “Okay. I will just send this to all the guys at school.” Dylan holds up his phone to show a photo of me kneeling in front of his cock with cum dripping down his face.

    “Clothes off! Now!” he demands.
    I strip to my jockstrap before removing that as well, leaving me standing there completely naked in front of Dylan.
    He bends down to put the cage around my cock, then uses a small key to lock it.
    He puts the key onto a thin chain that he then hangs around his neck like a piece of jewelry.
    “Don’t worry. I’m not a complete asshole. I’ll let you take it off to play with yourself every now and then.” He smiles and stares down at my caged package. “Well I have one more gift for you.”

    He pulls a black silicone butt plug out from his backpack.
    “Please Dylan! You’re taking this too far!” I protest.
    “I'm only getting started Justin. I own you. You will obey me or you'll be sorry.” He threatens. “And I don’t want you calling me Dylan anymore. From now on, you will only address me as Sir. Now bend over the bench!”
    “Yes, Sir.” I say quietly and obey.
    Dylan squirts lube onto the butt plug and slides it in between my cheeks.
    I groan as he slowly pushes it inside me.
    “Unless you are in the washroom, I expect you to keep this in at all times.” He says. “If I ever catch you without it in, you will be punished. Do you understand?”
    “Yes Sir.”
    “Good. Now get dressed. We are going back to the cabin.”
    I pull my jockstrap over the chastity device around my cock and put the rest of my clothes on.
    We exit the building and make our way back to the cabin to get some sleep.

    The next morning.

    I walk into the Dining Hall and go over to the serving station to dish myself some sausage and eggs.
    Most of the tables are taken, but I manage to find an empty table and sit down.
    I look across the room and see Dylan and Alex sitting together, laughing about something.
    I see Mr. Johnson, the Camp Director, walking towards me with a smile.
    “Hey there, camper! Mind if I sit down?” he asks.
    “Um… go ahead.” I say politely, but would really prefer that he didn’t.
    “How are you enjoying your first few days of camp?”
    “Okay, I guess.” I say as I pick at the food on my plate.
    “What types of activities have you been doing here?”
    “Well I've been…” I begin.

    Suddenly I feel the butt plug start vibrating inside me, making me jump.
    I look over to see Dylan and Alex laughing at me, as Dylan holds up a tiny remote control.
    “You alright?” Mr. Johnson asks.
    “Uh… Yeah… Just have a leg cramp.” I say and try not to squirm as I feel the pulse of the vibration getting faster.
    “If it’s bothering you, you should come by the Medical Room at the camp office so I can check you out.” He advises.
    I get up out of my seat.
    “I’m just going to go walk it off. See you around.” I walk across the Dining Hall towards the bathroom as my hole continues to vibrate.

    I go inside a toilet stall and begin closing the door.
    A hand reaches into the stall and stops the door from closing.
    I turn around to see Dylan.
    “What’s wrong? You didn’t like the surprise?” he laughs.
    “No!” I say angrily. “You never told me it had a remote control or that it even vibrated!”
    He presses a button on the remote and the vibration stops.
    “Well I really hope you weren’t coming in here to take it out. Now come with me.” He says.
    I follow Dylan and we walk back into the Dining Hall.
    Alex joins us as we walk towards the cabins on the other side of the camp.

    We walk up the steps of the cabin next to ours and walk through the door.
    The inside of the cabin looks nearly identical to mine.
    I see one of the school jocks laying in a bunk, reading a sports magazine.
    “Hey Connor, Happy Birthday!” Dylan says. “I have a gift for you.”
    “Thanks buddy,” Connor says with a smile. “Where is it?”
    “Right here…” Dylan points to Justin.
    Connor looks confused.
    “I'm going to let you in on a little secret.” Dylan says quietly. “Justin here loves sucking cock. I made him my bitch for the summer, since there are no girls around. I thought you might be interested in getting some head.

    “Fuck…” Connor says as he looks me up and down. “That would be great!”
    “Sir… I'm not..” I try to protest.
    “Shut up, bitch.” Dylan interrupts me. “Take off your clothes and show Connor what I bought for you.”
    “But…” I try speaking up again.
    “Don’t fucking talk back to me!” he yells. “Obey me or you know what will happen.”
    My face turns red as I slowly take off my shirt then slip my shorts and jockstrap down to my ankles, revealing my caged cock.
    “Oh my god! What a faggot!” Connor laughs.
    “He's wearing a butt plug too.” Alex tells him. “He's not allowed to take it out.”

    “You weren’t kidding when you said he was your bitch.” Connor laughs and looks at Dylan.
    “He really is. He does whatever I say.” He says proudly. “Get on your knees, slut!”
    I bend down and kneel on the wooden floor naked.
    Connor gets out of bed and stands in front of me, then unzips his jeans.
    He drops his pants, exposing his large cut cock.
    “Put it in your mouth, bitch.” Dylan instructs me.
    I take his half hard dick into my hand and put it between my lips.
    I reluctantly begin sucking on his cock head, wishing I wasn't being used like this.

    “That’s not how you suck a dick!” Dylan yells.
    He grabs my head and pushes it down onto Connor’s cock, making me gag as his cock is held down his throat.
    “Now suck it properly!” Dylan demands.
    I move my mouth up and down Connor’s cock, sliding it in and out of my throat.
    “You’re not too bad at this. How about you suck on my balls a bit.”
    I take one of his balls into my mouth and suck on it for a few seconds, then do the same with the other.
    I put my lips around his dick again and continue sucking.

    I feel my cock cage getting tight as my cock tries to get hard.
    As much as I hate being blackmailed, I can’t help but feel turned on by sucking on a hot guy's big cock.
    “I’m getting close.” Connor moans.
    He holds my head in place and starts fucking my mouth.
    I close my eyes as my mouth fills with cum.
    He pulls his dick from my lips and I swallow his load.
    “Good boy, you're learning.” Dylan smiles.
    “What a little slut.” Alex says.

    “Did you like that Justin?” Dylan looks down at me and asks.
    “Yes, Sir.” I reply.
    “Would you like to cum too?”
    I look back at him surprised.
    “Can I, please?”
    “Sure, stand up so I can take off your cage.” He says as he takes the key chain off his neck.
    I get up off the floor and let him unlock and remove my cock cage.
    My dick gets hard almost immediately.
    “You have two minutes.” Dylan tells me.
    The three guys watch me as I put my hand around my now free cock and begin stroking it.
    I haven’t cum at all since I arrived at camp, so I was very horny.
    I knew it wouldn’t take me long, especially after sucking so much dick over the last few days.

    As I continued pumping my cock, I suddenly felt my butt plug begin vibrating again.
    I look over at Dylan, who is pressing buttons on the remote control as the pulse of the vibration gets more intense.
    I lean my head back in orgasm as I shoot a big load across the floor of the cabin.
    “I hope you enjoyed that.” Dylan says. “You should be grateful that I let you cum today.”
    “Thank you Sir.”
    After a minute, my cock gets soft enough that Dylan puts the chastity cage back on me.
    “Now get dressed and get the hell out.” Dylan demands. “I'll find you next time I want a mouth to fuck.”
    I quickly get dressed and walk out the door before hearing it slam behind me.

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    Re: Boys Summer Camp

    Let's hope Dylan gets his comeuppance before too long he's a bully!

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    Re: Boys Summer Camp

    OH MY GOD!!!!


    Please continue!

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    Re: Boys Summer Camp

    Dylan is in control, but he does allow Justin to have his moment.

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    Re: Boys Summer Camp

    This is a quick, interesting and very arousing read! Just wondering if you self-identify with either Dylan or Justin or Alex or Connor? Whatever your answer, please, sir write some more soon!
    "Reading should be easy. Only the reader should be hard." -- hard reader (author of the erotic porn novel "I Thought I Knew")

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    Re: Boys Summer Camp

    Nice story so far hope it continues

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