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    How likely am I to have gonorrhoea

    I am a 56 yo married man. Last month I had a couple of sexual encounters with other men. Deep kissing. Also oral sex both ways. I sucked penis and had my penis sucked. I did not ever have cum in my mouth but I think I tasted precum once.

    I have no symptoms of anything at all.

    Since the encounters I have had oral sex with my wife where she has sucked me. I have not ejaculated in her mouth.

    Recently she has had a small amount of whitish discharge. No smell. She is post menopause and suffers from vaginal dryness and I have read that discharge can be normal here.

    I am very worried I have given her gonorrhea. I am getting tested next week.

    What are my chances or probability?

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    Re: How likely am I to have gonorrhoea

    Anyone who is sexually active outside of a monogamous relationship should have regular STD testing. You may feel that you have a particular reason to but honestly, you should have been getting tested on a regular basis.

    We can't know whether your wife has contracted something. It sounds like she's due for a trip to the doctor, too.
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