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Thread: Mental Health

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    Mental Health

    Hey guys,

    So I'm not really sure how much this forum deals with mental health because I've seen a lot of physical health stuff but not a lot of mental health stuff, but I wanted to give it a try anyway.

    I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety four years ago, although I've probably had it for a lot longer if I'm being honest. Mental health issues are rarely easy to explain and I wasn't sure if this is against the rules or not but I've been documenting my issues with my mental health on a blog that I'd like to share. I want to share it firstly because one of my mental health problems is that I don't get self-gratification, all of my self-esteem and worthwhile comes from the feedback of others and so having people check it out makes me feel good. Secondly I want to see if anybody has any advice for any of the problems on there (there's a whole variety of things). Thirdly I don't want anybody to feel as alone as I do sometimes, it's sort of my way of being honest with myself and with other people.

    So, if I'm doing anything against the rules please just kindly let me know and either you or I can remove the link (and I might have to start posting regularly on here because my mental health is getting really bad).

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    Re: Mental Health

    Well hopefully he are getting treatment. You need to focus on yourself and finding what you need to be where you need to be, to be healthy. You need to learn to appreciate you for you and not how you may stack up against other people.
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